Welcome to SENSOR NAVI
[SENSOR NAVI] allows you to do the following:

Perform easy system checks such as compatibility and incompatibility [ Easy System Check]
Approximate estimate table can be printed. [Approximate estimate table: Print]
Estimate requests can be sent via email to Mitutoyo. [ Estimate request]

!Be sure to read the following.
- The easy system check is a function that allows easy checking of the compatibility or incompatibility between products and accessories, but does not guarantee all combinations.
- Since the information provided through this system consists of approximate estimates, Mitutoyo declines any responsibility regarding damages that may arise from such information.

The usage procedure for [ SENSOR NAVI ] is explained below. Explanation of SENSOR NAVI
1. Select the check box of the desired product.
Linear Gage Electronic Micrometer Laser Scan Micrometer (LSM)
2. Select whether to Accept or Decline the use of the Easy System Check (Navi) function.

This allows you to run easy system checks on compatibility, incompatibility, etc. (Recommended)

This allows you to select all products that are not intercompatible. (For users with a good understanding of products)

Don't accept.