Download for Configuration tool for LSM (LSMPAK)

This application enables a setting of LSM-CU-A (Controller unit) as well as data collection and management, etc.
This software is identical to the CD that comes with the LSM-CU-A.

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[Software Overview]
Configuration tool for LSM-CU-A
USB connection allows intuitive operation of LSM measurement conditions, execution of calibration, and positioning of the measurement object. It also has functions for acquiring and monitoring measured values.

[operating environment]
Windows10 Home 64bit
Windows10 Pro 64bit

A display with a resolution of 1280 x 768 or higher is required.
On displays with a resolution of less than 1280 x 768, some areas may not be displayed or the layout may be corrupted.
It is not possible to start or stop measurements, select items, or perform other operations using the keyboard.
Please prepare USB cable (Type C) in order to connect to the PC or other devices.