U-WAVEPAK-BM is free communication software which is to be used with U-WAVE-TCB/TMB for measurement data transmission from measuring instruments to smartphones/tablets.
Please note that Mitutoyo may at any time decide to terminate this offering of U-WAVEPAK-BM without any prior notice. As U-WAVEPAK-BM is offered free-of-charge, it is not covered by any warranty from Mitutoyo. For this reason, no user support is provided either.
U-WAVEPAK-BM may be used with the following products:
U-WAVE-TCB IP67 type (C/N: 264-624)
U-WAVE-TCB buzzer type (C/N: 264-625)
U-WAVE-TMB IP67 type (C/N: 264-626)
U-WAVE-TMB buzzer type (C/N: 264-627)
Download the app here
U-WAVEPAK-BM V1.0.16 (released December 2023)
1.Multilingual support
Previously only English was available, but the following 16 languages are now supported.
Japanese/ English/ German/ French/ Italian/ Polish/ Portuguese/ Hungarian
Korean/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ Vietnamese/ Thai/ Malay/ Indonesian/ Spanish
2.Support for Android New OS versions
Android 10 or later versions are now supported.
For instructions on how to switch languages, please refer the image below.
Download the User's manual of U-WAVEPAK-BM here