QM-Height QMH-350AX/350BX/600AX/600BX USB communication driver guide

By installing the communication driver from this homepage onto your computer, the QM-Height QMH-350AX, 350BX, 600AX, and 600BX will be capable of USB output from the control unit's micro USB connector.
The communication driver is available free of charge.

* Use a commercially available micro USB cable (provided for data communication).
On this occasion, your cooperation in filling out a questionnaire is appreciated.

Target products: QMH-350AX, 350BX, 600AX, and 600BX

Caution: Check before download
This driver was created by Mitutoyo Corporation, and is distributed free of charge. Mitutoyo Corporation makes no warranty - implied or otherwise - regarding the quality or performance of this driver. Mitutoyo Corporation shall have neither liability nor responsibility with respect to any direct or indirect damage (including damage to or problems in hardware, other drivers, or data, or any other major damage) that may occur as a result of using this driver.

Our company accepts no responsibility for the results of using this driver and the user’s manual.

The copyright of this driver and the user’s manual is reserved by Mitutoyo Corporation.

This driver may not be modified in part or in whole, without the prior permission of our company.

When duplicating, reproducing, or assigning this driver, it must be in perfect condition, including the user’s manual, and removal or modification of the user’s manual, as well as duplicating, reproducing, or assigning this driver in part is not permitted.

As this driver is distributed free of charge, user support services will not be offered.

Operation on Windows/XP-SP3/Vista/7 (64bit, 32bit)/8 (64bit, 32bit)/10 (64bit, 32bit) operating systems is confirmed.