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Carbon Neutral Initiatives


Mitutoyo Corporation will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society toward carbon neutrality by 2050 to fulfill its corporate responsibility to address global climate change issues.

  • We will reduce our CO2 emissions (Scope 1, 2) by 50% from 2018 levels by 2030.We formally endorsed TCFD's recommendations in September 2022.
  • We expressed our support for the TCFD*recommendations in September 2022.
    TCFD(Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)

Use of Renewable Energy

We are switching to 100% CO2-free hydroelectric power generation in the Utsunomiya Operations * and at our Kochi Plant.

*Utsunomiya Operations: Tool & Gage Plant, MC Plant, Kiyohara Plant

Introduction of “Tochigi-Furusato Electric Power Supply Service”
*However, Kiyohara Plant uses a different electric power company
Introduction of “Kochi Family Support Electricity”

Introduction of Energy-Saving and Production-Efficient Equipment

1. We introduced a solar power generation system for in-house consumption at our Miyazaki Plant.

2. We replaced the hot water boiler at our MC Plant in the Utsunomiya Operations with a module chiller to reduce our use of fuel oil A and achieve improved energy efficiency.


Disclosure Based on Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Recommendations

Mitutoyo supports the TCFD recommendations and will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by understanding and responding to future climate change-related events as business risks while, at the same time, identifying new opportunities and using them in its corporate strategy. We will analyze the risks and opportunities posed to our business by climate change and disclose information on governance, strategies, risk management, and indicators and targets based on the TCFD recommendations.


We recognize that climate change is an important issue in terms of “supporting and promoting harmony with the environment.” We are focusing on carbon neutrality promotion activities and have established a Working Group (WG) for the Promotion of Carbon Neutrality, which reports information on these activities to the Management Committee.
Important matters are reported to and shared with the Board of Directors.


Business risks and opportunities related to climate change are examined under two scenarios: 1. “Risks associated with the transition to a low-carbon economy” that would occur under the 2℃ scenario, and 2. “Risks associated with the physical impacts of climate change” that would occur if the 4℃ scenario is reached due to failure to reduce global CO2 emissions. After sorting the environment surrounding our business and considering what is important to us, we evaluate the potential impact on our business activities on the three-point scale of “large,” “medium,” or “small.”

Risk Management

The WG for the Promotion of Carbon Neutrality gathers information on climate change-related regulations and risks affecting our business, comprehensively evaluates and determines the degree of impact on our business, and considers risk countermeasures. The results of this consideration and policies to address these risks are reported to the Management Committee and Board of Directors as appropriate.

Indicators and Targets

We will reduce our CO2 emissions (Scope 1, 2) by 50% from 2018 levels by 2030.

Environmental Initiatives

Environment Management System

Mitutoyo has acquired the ISO14001 certification across the entire company for the environment management system that was operated individually at each office until now, and we are further performing environmental management in full swing and reflecting it in our business activities.

** Please refer to the Appendix for details on the scope of registered activities and related business sites.

Environment Policy

Our actions for the environment

Mitutoyo Corporation with its management principle of “Contributing to the wellbeing of society through precision measurement technologies,” provides precision measurement instruments to customers through the development, design, manufacture, sales, and service of precision measurement instruments. We, who are working at Mitutoyo Corporation recognize that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues for all human beings, in keeping with the “good environment” stated in our corporate motto, and we will work to continuously maintain and improve the environmental management system by participating in all business activities, products and services that affect the global environment, and to protect the global environment and prevent environmental pollution.

  1. 1.We will establish a voluntary environmental management system to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, products, and services.
  2. 2.We will comply with all laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements that we have decided to accept in our business activities.
  3. 3. We will work on the following to protect the global environment and prevent environmental pollution.
    1. 1.Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
    2. 2.Development and design of environmentally conscious products
    3. 3.Promotion of resource and energy conservation
    4. 4.Promotion of waste reduction and recycling
    5. 5.Reduction of hazardous chemicals
  4. 4.We will set environmental goals and review them periodically to continuously improve environmental performance.
  5. 5.We will implement educational and awareness-raising activities on our environmental policy and make it known to all of our employees (including our permanent employees) and those who work for us.
  6. 6.We will publish the environmental policy for both internal and external use.

Environment Management System

In order to effectively implement our environment management, we engage in environmental conservation activities under the following organizational structure.

Company-wide environmental management system chart

Environment Reports

Mitutoyo issues an annual environmental report summarizing the results of its environmental conservation activities.

Activities for Soil and Groundwater

As part of environmental conservation, we have been working on voluntary inspections and measures, in addition to measures based on laws and regulations for soil and groundwater. In 2007, we renewed the management system and management policy and will strive to publish information on the environment.

About Green Procurement

Mitutoyo is working to develop environment-friendly products that have a low environmental impact at each stage of its business activities. In order to achieve this goal, we are promoting “green procurement” that prioritizes the procurement of parts and materials with low environmental impact from companies that have been environmentally conscious.

The following is a list of Green Procurement Guidelines and chemical substances, including our policy on green procurement.

Environmentally Conscious Products

Mitutoyo actively complies with the European RoHS Directive (the European Parliament and the Council Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment). Products that meet the requirements include:

ABS Coolant Proof Caliper
Digimatic Micrometer
ABS Digimatic Indicator
CNC Vision Measuring Machine

We are also actively promoting the “Administrative Measures for the Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products” (revised Chinese version of RoHS) in the People's Republic of China.

Responsible Mineral Procurement

In accordance with the “Mitutoyo Group Management Principles,” Mitutoyo has established a policy of “No use of minerals from conflict areas, which are sources of funds for armed groups,” and has been conducting activities to ensure responsible mineral procurement.

Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, Gold

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

In 2010, Article 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act) was laid down to raise concerns that mineral resources mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and neighboring countries may be the source of funds for armed groups that cause human rights violations and environmental destruction.

EU Conflict Minerals Regulation

The EU Conflict Minerals Regulation (REGULATION (EU) 2017/821) has been in force since January 2021.


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the world's leading producers of cobalt, concerns have been raised about poor working conditions and child labor.


Concerns have been raised about child labor and unsafe working conditions at mining sites in India, Madagascar, and other countries.

Demand for Supply Chains

In the unlikely event that the use of minerals that are involved in a conflict is discovered, Mitutoyo will work on due diligence by cooperating with suppliers and cooperating throughout the supply chain to change to mineral procurement from areas other than conflict areas.