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Non-contact Sensors
Quick Guide To Precision Measurement


Product Overview

Sensor Main Unit SM1008S

Non-Contact Line-laser Sensor

  • Line-laser sensor providing stable measurement with simple operation
  • Measuring range: 80mm, Maximum measuring width: 100mm

Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-02-A

  • Compact body that can fit anywhere
  • ・Guaranteed repeatability(2 σ)
     ±0.015 μm (ø1 mm)
  • ・Guaranteed linearity:
     ±0.3 μm
  • ・Scanning rate: 3,200 scans/s

Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-30-A

  • Seperable sensor whose reception unit can be used seperately.
  • ・Guaranteed repeatability(2 σ)
     ±0.06 μm (ø10 mm)
  • ・Guaranteed linearity:
     ±1.0 μm
  • ・Scanning rate: 3,200 scans/s

Controller LSM-CU-A

  • Compact, thin design that fits in a distribution board or inside equipment.
  • Easily mountable on a DIN rail without using a tool.
  • USB Type-C, I/O ports, and industrial interfaces (optional)
  • Configuration software included as standard for easy configuration

I/F module

  • Four types of interface are available so that you can select the right one to meet your production line requirements.
  • The controller design enables insertion of a module without changing the layout.

Hardware Accelerator for
GoMax NX

  • An accelerator to speed up measurement processing without PC
  • Please ask more details for Mitutoyo

Sensor Networking Hub for

  • A controller easily distribute power, data, synchronization, and laser safety for sensors