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Parts List

Please read the following information closely before using the parts list. If you agree with the conditions listed here, click “I agree” to proceed to the parts list search page.

All parts list copyrights remain the property of Mitutoyo Corporation.

You may not be able to view the parts list if the “Display PDF in browser” check box is not selected in the Adobe Acrobat Reader settings on your PC. For details on the Adobe Acrobat Reader settings, visit the support page of the official Adobe website.
* Adobe is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

You can view the parts list as a PDF file, but you cannot print or save the file (the file is only available in a read-only format).

The “X,” “Y,” “Y1,” and blank entries for the sales classification in the parts list have the following meanings.
X: Parts that we do not supply or sell.
Y or Y1: Parts that can only be replaced and adjusted by service personnel of Mitutoyo or its authorized vendors who possess specialized knowledge Blank: Parts available for purchase.

The appearance, specifications, and other aspects of the parts included in the parts list may be hanged and we may stop the production and sale of these parts without notification.

The parts list includes some parts that take a few days to deliver, parts that are no longer sold, and parts that we are unable to sell.

Mitutoyo Corporation accepts no responsibility regarding operation and accuracy in the event that you replace a part that you have purchased.

For inquiries regarding parts, please contact the store from which you purchased the part.

To purchase a part, advise the store of the part number.