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Proprietary Technologies and Equipment

As a pioneer of precision measuring machines, MITUTOYO has innovated and continually emphasized R&D for new technologies and products that meet the needs of today's industries for higher precision, faster processing, and reduced power consumption.
MITUTOYO products represent an assortment of basic technologies and are manufactured using the company's own specialized machine tools and other high-tech production equipment, while being backed by a thorough-going quality control system.

Mechanical technology

Encoder technology

Electronic technology

CAD and CAE technologies are used with FEM analysis, test model analysis, and thermal analysis to design and develop highly rigid, highly shock-resistant, high-quality measuring instruments noted for their high reliability

MITUTOYO meets the environmental and manufacturing equipment requirements for producing highly reliable encoders

MITUTOYO designs, develops, and embeds custom ICs

Measuring software

Evaluation technology

MEMS technology

MITUTOYO also develops the data processing software used with its products, ranging from coordinate measuring machines to vision measuring machines, form measuring instruments, hardness testing machines, and measuring tools

MITUTOYO's advanced evaluation technologies are described here

Also described are MITUTOYO's Micro Electro Mechanical Systems technology and application examples