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Evaluation technology

Mitutoyo standard laser

MITUTOYO maintains a light wavelength calibration system that uses a 633-nm iodine-stabilized He-Ne reference laser, similar to the type used by the Japanese government.

JCSS Certificate

JCSS: Japan Calibration Service System

Vacuum laser interferometer mounted 1.6m ultra-high precision length measuring machine

MITUTOYO has developed ultra-high precision length measuring machines, which it used to measure the molds used for high precision scales and digital scales.

Technique award was awarded by the Japan Society for Precision Engineering in 2002.

Lectured at 159.PTB seminar in Nov. 2001.
PTB stands for German Institute of Physical Technology (Germany)

Lectured at IMEKO TC14 in Sep.2002.
MEKO stands for International Measurement Confederation