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Mitutoyo's traceability system chart

Mitutoyo's length standards are directly traceable to Japan's national standards. Mitutoyo performs calibration of standards used for calibrating measuring instruments. In this way, the establishment and maintenance of traceability for various measuring instruments used by customers is achieved. Furthermore, Mitutoyo executes the temperature calibrations that are essential for high-accuracy length measurement. In addition, the establishment and maintenance of traceability for test equipment such as hardness and vibration are achieved as well.

Calibration System Certificate (2024-03-04 Rev.53.0)Adobe Acrobat Reader

Traceability System Chart (Extracted from Calibration System Certificate 2024-03-04 Rev.53.0)Adobe Acrobat Reader

ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratories

Mitutoyo's domestic service centers as well as its overseas subsidiaries provide calibration services for measuring instruments, having received ISO/IEC 17025 certification from accreditation organizations. Mitutoyo establishes a traceability system for length measurement based on JCSS and ensures that all Mitutoyo's measuring instruments are traceable to national standards. Mitutoyo responds to the trust of customers by performing the above activities to the highest standards and thereby contributes to customers' business development.

Mitutoyo Group ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratories (2023-12-14 Rev.49.0)Adobe Acrobat Reader

JIS Mark Certified Products

Mitutoyo Corporation is certified for the display of the JIS mark, based on the standards for the display of the JIS mark. Corresponding caliper and micrometer products bear the JIS mark.

Copy of JIS Mark Certification and JIS Mark Certified Products list (2023-10-11 Rev.8.0)Adobe Acrobat Reader

Product Safety

Mitutoyo products are tested for product safety in accordance with Europe's EU Directives, and bear the CE mark. Additionally, devices that use lasers are tested in accordance with the relevant safety standards, so that Mitutoyo's measuring instruments can be used safely.

CE Marking Corresponding Directives and Standards Conformance