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Miyazaki Plant

Miyazaki Plant produces gauge blocks and also provides calibration services as a global MRA accredited laboratory for end standards.

Accreditation No.
Accredited Laboratory
Miyazaki Plant, Mitutoyo Corporation
Calibration Procedures and
Type of Instruments/Materials
to be calibrated
Range Expanded Uncertainty*
(Level of Confidence Approximetly 95%)
[L(mm):Normal length]
Gauge blocks
(Interferometry method)
From 0.1 mm up to 100 mm 0.020 μm
More than 100 mm up to 250 mm (0.010 + 0.00010·L ) μm
More than 250 mm up to 1000 mm (0.020 + 0.00020·L ) μm
Gauge blocks
(Comparison method)
From 0.1 mm up to 100 mm 0.06 μm
More than 100 mm up to 1000 mm (0.04 + 0.00043·L ) μm
End gauges with flat ends
(Interferometry method)
More than 1 mm up to 2010 mm (0.26 + 0.54·L /1000) μm
Up to 1mm 0.030 μm
These values are the smallest uncertainties. Therefore, they sometimes differ from the uncertainties written in the Calibration Certificates