Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments

PG16Type of featureWorkpiece prole (example)Contact point tip prole (example)RemarksSquare groove● Allows measurement of the diameter of variously shaped inside grooves and splines.● Minimum measurable groove diameter is approximately 16mm (differs depending on the workpiece prole.)● Dimension should be as follows: For W = less than 2mm: = less than 2mmFor W = 2mm or more: = 2mm as the standard value which can be modied according to circumstances.● The number of splines or serrations is limited to a multiple of 3.● Details of the workpiece prole should be provided at the time of placing a custom-order.● If your application needs a measuring range different from that of the standard inside micrometer an additional initial cost for the master ring gage will be required.Round grooveSplineSerrationThreaded hole● Allows measurement of the effective diameter of an internal thread.● Measurable internal threads are restricted according to the type, nominal dimension, and pitch of the thread. Please contact Mitutoyo with the specication of the thread to be measured for advice.Custom-ordered Products (Holtest / Borematic)Mitutoyo can custom-build an inside micrometer best suited to your special application. Please feel free to contact Mitutoyo about the possibilities - even if only one custom-manufactured piece is required. Please note that, depending on circumstances, such a micrometer will usually need to be used with a master setting ring for accuracy assurance. (A custom-ordered micrometer can be made compatible with a master ring supplied by the customer. Please consult Mitutoyo.)NomenclatureaøDH2H1ødøDHødøDHTip radius R that can measure the minimum diameter (different for each size)35-45mm/N000000/N00000035-45mm35-45mm/N000000/N00000035-45mm35-45mm/N000000ød45051DIV. 0.005mm45435-45mmS/N000000røDrrrødøDW=1 or moreTip radius R that can measure the minimum diameter (different for each size)W=1 or moreRadius=0.5 or moreW=0.5 or moreTip radius R that can measure the minimum diameter (different for each size)45˚ or moreR=0.3 or moreRatchet Micrometersラチェットストップシンブルスピンドル外筒コーン測定子RatchetThimbleSpindleSleeveConeContact point

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