Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments

PG30Dial Indicators and Digital IndicatorsPositionRemarksContact element down (normal position)—Plunger horizontal(lateral position)If measurement is performed with the plunger horizontal or contact element up, the measuring force is less than when the contact element is down. In this case be sure to check the operation and repeatability of the indicator or digital display.For guaranteed-operation specications according to positions of digital indicators and dial indicators, refer to the product descriptions in a general catalog.Contact element up (upside-down position)5M2.5 × 0.45Incomplete thread section shall be less than 0.7mmM2.5 × 0.45, depth 7mm ø3 counterbore, depth 1mmplungerThe specication in the range of 0.2 mm from the end of the stroke is not guaranteed for digital indicators. When setting the zero point or presetting a specific value, be sure to lift the spindle at least 0.2 mm from the end of the stroke.GroundGroundGround0.2mmStem mounting MethodNote• Mounting hole tolerance: ø8G7(+0.005 to 0.02)• Clamping screw: M4 to M6• Clamping position: 8mm or more from the lower edge of the stem• Maximum clamping torque: 150N·cm when clamping with a single M5 screw• Note that excessive clamping torque may adversely affect spindle movement.• Mounting hole tolerance: ø8G7(+0.005 to 0.02)Lug mountingMethodNote• Lugs can be changed 90 degrees in orientation according to the application. (The lug is set horizontally when shipped.)• Lugs of some Series 1 models (No.1911T-10, 1913T-10&1003T), however, cannot be altered to horizontal. • To avoid cosine-effect error, ensure that any type of gage or indicator is mounted with its spindle in line with the intended measurement direction.8mm or moreM6 screwPlain washerMounting a Dial indicatorClamping the stem directly with a screwClamping the stem by split-clamp fasteningContact element• Screw thread is standardized on M2.5x0.45 (Length: 5mm).• Incomplete thread section at the root of the screw shall be less than 0.7mm when fabricating a contact point.Effect of orientation on measuring forceSetting the origin of a digital indicatorCare of the plunger•Do not lubricate the plunger. Doing so might cause dust to accumulate, resulting in a malfunction.•If the plunger movement is poor, wipe the upper and lower plunger surfaces with a dry or alcohol-soaked cloth. If the movement is not improved by cleaning, contact Mitutoyo for repair.•Before making a measurement or calibration, please conrm if the spindle moves upward and downward smoothly, and stability of zero point. 0.2mm

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