Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments

PG33Quick Guide to MeasurementQuick Guide to MeasurementHeadPlain Stem and Stem with Clamp NutThe stem used to mount a linear gage head is classied as a "plain type" or "clamp nut type" as illustrated below. The clamp nut stem allows fast and secure clamping of the linear gage head. The plain stem has the advantage of wider application and slight positional adjustment in the axial direction on nal installation, although it does requires a split-xture clamping arrangement or adhesive xing. However, take care so as not to exert excessive force on the stem.Measuring ForceThis is the force exerted on a workpiece during measurement by the contact point of a linear gage head, at its stroke end, expressed in newtons.Stem locknut typePlain stemComparative MeasurementA measurement method where a workpiece dimension is found by measuring the difference in size between the workpiece and a master gage representing the nominal workpiece dimension. ナット付ステムストレートステムPrecautions in Mounting a Gage Head●Insert the stem of the gage into the mounting clamp of a measuring unit or a stand and tighten the clamp screw.●Notice that excessively tightening the stem can cause problems with spindle operation.●Never use a mounting method in which the stem is clamped by direct contact with a screw.●Never mount a linear gage by any part other than the stem.●Mount the gage head so that it is in line with the intended direction of measurement. Mounting the head at an angle to this direction will cause an error in measurement.●Exercise care so as not to exert a force on the gage through the cable.●Machine the clamping hole so that its axis is parallel with the measuring direction. Mounting the gage at an angle will cause a measuring error.●When xing the Laser Hologage, do not clamp the stem too tightly. Over-tightening the stem may impair the sliding ability of the spindle.●If measurement is performed while moving the Laser Hologage, mount it so that the cable will not be strained and no undue force will be exerted on the gage head.StemStemClamp screwClamp screwClampClampPrecautions in Mounting a Laser HologageTo x the Laser Hologage, insert the stem into the dedicated stand or xture.Display UnitPresettingAny numeric value can be set on the display unit for starting the count from this value.Direction changeoverThe measuring direction of the gage spindle can be set to either plus (+) or minus (-) of count.MAX, MIN, TIR SettingsThe display unit can hold the maximum (MAX) and minimum (MIN) values, and MAX - MIN value during measurement.Runout value (TIR) = MAX - MINMAXMIN0.0000.0000.000+/-Datum plane1.234123.456Zero-settingA display value can be set to 0 (zero) at any position of the spindle.IP54 protection codeTypeLevelDescriptionProtects the human body and protects against foreign objects5: Dust protectedProtection against harmful dustProtects against exposure to water 4: Splash-proof typeWater splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.IP66 protection codeTypeLevelDescriptionProtection against contact with the human body and foreign objects6: Dust tightProtection from dust ingressComplete protection against contactProtects against exposure to water 6: Water-resistant typeWater jets directed against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.Ingress Protection CodeRecommended hole diameter on the xing side: 15mm +0.034/-0.014Linear Gages

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