Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments

PG40Upon supply of power to a linear scale, position readings from three capacitance-type sub-scales (COArse, MEDium and FINe) and one from a photoelectric sub-scale (OPTical) are taken. These sub-scales use such a combination of pitches, and are so positioned relative to each other, that the readings at any one position form a unique set and allow a microprocessor to calculate the position of the read head on the scale to a resolution of 0.05μm (0.005μm).Principle of the Absolute Linear Scale (Example: AT300, 500-S/H)MADE IN JAPANAT5003768mmOPTCOAMEDFINElectrostatic capacitance typePhoto-electronic type3768mm58.88mm0.92mm20µm(512)(512)(400) (4096)0.05µm0.005µm7.36mm0.115mm(512)Approx. 1.8µmResolutionSignal cycle(interpolation)Linear Scales

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