Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments

PG42Linear ScalesPrinciple of measurementWhen a rough-surfaced object is irradiated with a laser beam, reected coherent light scattering from the surface creates visible interference in the form of a speckle pattern. As the object moves in the xy plane, the speckle pattern also moves in response. Displacement of the object can be calculated by comparing, through image correlation, the speckle images obtained before and after movement, and this is the principle used in the highly accurate MICSYS measuring system.Image correlation and the MICSYS two-dimensional encoderApplications1. Evaluation of stages used in manufacturing equipment and inspection systems2. Highly accurate positioning of workpieces3. Measurement of minute displacementa) Evaluation of position repeatabilityb) Evaluation of standstill stability and driftMeasure displacement caused by temperature, humidity, voltage uctuation or other factorsActuatorSetting and removalActuatorMeasure displacement caused by temperature or humidity uctuations or other factors and displacement caused during a material attachment process, etc.a) Measurement of minute displacement of a structureb) Measurement of minute displacement of a workpieceStructure (beam)Load

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