Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments

PG51Quick Guide to MeasurementISO10360-7 (Geometrical product specications (GPS) -- Acceptance and reverication tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM) -- Part 7: CMMs equipped with imaging probing systems) was published on June 1, 2011.Some inspecting items are listed in ISO10360-7. The following summarizes the test method for determining length measurement error (E) and probing error (PF2D). Length measurement error, EFive test lengths in seven different directions within the measuring volume, each length measured three times, for a total of 105 measurements. Four directions are the space diagonals; remaining three positions are user specied; default locations are parallel to VMM axes.When CTE (coefcient of thermal expansion) of the test-length artifact is < 2×10-6/K, additional measurement of artifact with normal CTE (8 to 13×10-6/K) is performed.Probing error, PF2DMeasure 25 points distributed evenly around the test circle (14.4º pitch).Each of the 25 points shall be measured by using the specied 25 areas of the eld of view.Calculate probing error as the range of the 25 radial distances (Rmax - Rmin) from the center of the least-square circle.Overview of ISO 10360-74 positions (space diagonals) 3 positions(user specied) Normal CTE additional inspectionField of view

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