Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments

PG53Quick Guide to Measurement50100λsλcλfAmplitude Transmission % WavelengthRoughness proleWaviness proleSurface ProlesISO 4287:1997Data Processing FlowPrimary ProleProle obtained from the measured prole by applying a low-pass lter with cutoff valueλs.Roughness ProleProle obtained from the primary prole by suppressing the longer wavelength components using a high-pass lter of cutoff valueλc.Waviness ProleProle obtained by applying a band-pass lter to the primary prole toremove the longer wavelengths aboveλf and the shorter wavelengths belowλc.Metrological Characterization of Phase Correct FiltersISO 11562: 1996 (JIS B 0632: 2001)A prole lter is a phase-correct lter without phase delay (cause of prole distortion dependent on wavelength).The weight function of a phase-correct lter shows a normal (Gaussian)distribution in which the amplitude transmission is 50% at the cutoff wavelength.Surface prole on the real surfaceDenition: Prole that results from the intersection of the real surface and a plane rectangular to it.Denition: Locus of the center of the stylus tip that traces the workpiece surfaceMeasurementAD conversionSuppresses irrelevant geometry of the surface such as inclination of a at feature and curvature of a cylindrical feature using the least squares method.Denition: Data obtained by quantizing the measured proleTraced proleTotal proleRoughness proleWaviness proleRoughnessprole parametersWavinessprole parametersPrimary prolePrimary prole parametersLow-pass lterof cutoff value λsHigh-pass lterof cutoff valueλsBand-pass lter that passes wavelengths between cutoff valuesλc andλf

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