Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments

PG57Quick Guide to MeasurementProcedure for determining a sampling length if it is not speciedFig.1 Procedure for determining the sampling length of an aperiodic prole if it is not specied.Estimate Ra, Rz, Rz1max., or RSm accordingto recorded waveforms, visual inspection, etc.Estimate the sampling length from anestimated value and Tables 1 to 3Measure Ra, Rz, Rz1max., or RSm according tothe estimated value of the sampling lengthDoes each measuredvalue meet the parameter range of Table 1, 2, or 3 ?Change to a longeror shorter sampling lengthYesYesNoNoChange to a shorter sampling lengthHas a shorter sampling length been tried ?Measure the parameter according to the nal sampling lengthEstimate RSm from a measured roughness proleEstimate the sampling length froman estimated value and Table 3Measure RSm according to the estimatedvalue of the sampling lengthDoes the measured value meet the condition of Table 3 ?Change the sampling length so as tomeet the condition of Table 3YesNoMeasure the parameter accordingto the nal sampling lengthFig.2 Procedure for determining the sampling length of a periodic prole if it is not specied.

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