B-50BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Deviation of 0.15 mm or less* is guaranteed between the anvil and spindle in the vertical direction. within 0.15 mmDeviation between the anvil and spindle in the vertical direction* When the measuring range is 0 - 25 mm Technical Data• Battery for series 422 SR44 (1 pc.), 938882, for initial operational checks (standard accessory)• Battery life: Approx. 2.4 years under normal use (for series 422-2XX, 3XX) Approx. 5 year under normal use (for series 422-4XX) Approx. 18,000 hours in continuous use• Length standard: Electromagnetic rotary sensor (for series 422-2XX, 3XX) Electrostatic capacity absolute sensor (for series 422-4XX)• Standard accessories: Reference bar, 1 pc. (except for measuring range 0-25 mm/0-30 mm (0-1 in/0-1.2 in) models)Spanner (301336), 1 pc. (for series 122-1XX, 422-2XX, 3XX)Optional Accessories • Connecting cables for Digimatic models 1 m: 05CZA662 2 m: 05CZA663 • USB Input Tool Direct USB-ITN-B (2 m): 06AFM380B • Connecting for 422-230-30 to 422-271-30,422-330-30 to 422-371-30• U-WAVE-T dedicated connection cable (for series 422) 160 mm: 02AZD790B For foot switch: 02AZE140B Wireless Data Output* • U-WAVE-TM264-622 IP67 type 264-623 Buzzer type • Connecting unit for U-WAVE-TM 02AZF310 (IP67/buzzer type common specication) Note: cannot be used with Quickmike type Refer to page A-15 for details. * Only series 422 (except for Quickmike type) can be attached.Quickmike • Provides a speedy spindle feed of 10 mm per thimble rotation which enables widely differently sized features to be measured quickly.Deviation Between the Anvil andSpindle in the Vertical Direction Minimum measuring(length ) Minimum measuring(length )ø6.3510.8ø18bacL2513.95972.4ø1413.514.815aø8ø18bL1582.4c25(Minimum measuring length)ø2550.469.6aL16.330bcø6.351514.8ø18ø8ba1582.4c25(Minimum measuring length)ø6.35cL13.5ø18a2516.37172.410.8bDIMENSIONSUnit: mmAnalog models up to 25 mm measuring rangeAnalog models over 50 mm measuring rangeQuickmike typeDigimatic models over 75 mm measuring rangeDigimatic models up to 50 mm measuring rangeOrder No.LabC422-230-300113112.5422-231-302512.25012.6422-232-305014.65713422-233-307516.77616422-260-300113112.5422-261-302512.25012.6422-270-300113112.5422-271-30122-101 7.83215122-1022512.24914.5122-1035014.660122-1047516.77917.5122-10510018.89417.9122-10612519.110618.3122-10715018.211818.5122-10817516.813018.9122-1092001814317.7122-11022515618.7122-115250169112-116275181422-411-200 8.53613.5422-412-202510.347

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