B-55BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.MicrometerThe origin of Mitutoyo’s trustworthy brand of small tool instrumentsTechnical Data• Flatness: 0.3 μm/0.000012 in• Parallelism: 0.6 μm/0.000024 in for models up to 50 mm/2 in 1 μm/0.00004 in for models over 50 mm/2 in• Accuracy: ±2 μm/±0.0001 in• Spindle feed error: 3 μm/0.00015 in• Dispersion of indication: 0.4 μm/0.00002 in• Dial indication accuracy: 1 μm/0.00005 inStandard AccessoriesReference bar, 1 pc.(except for measuring range 0-25 mm (0-1 in) models)Spanner (200154), 1 pc.Workpiece Stop (optional)• Produces more stable measurement. • Three types are available to suit workpieces of different sizes. Unit: mmDmin: Minimum measurable diameterDmax: Maximum measurable diameterC: Distance from the center of the workpiece to the upper surface of the workpiece stop AB46CDminDmaxRangeABWorkpiece stop A04AZA124ø1623Workpiece stop B04AZA125ø1420.5Workpiece stop C04AZA126ø1415• Order No 510-121, 510-141, 510-131, 510-151 Unit: mmDminDmaxCWorkpiece stop AN/AN/AN/AWorkpiece stop B4165.0Workpiece stop C152510.5• 510-122 and 510-132DminDmaxCWorkpiece stop A253715.5Workpiece stop B304218.0Workpiece stop C415023.5• 510-123 and 510-133DminDmaxCWorkpiece stop A506127.5Workpiece stop B546630.0Workpiece stop C657535.5• 510-124 and 510-134DminDmaxCWorkpiece stop A758740.5Workpiece stop B809243.0Workpiece stop C9110048.2Indicating Micrometers SERIES 510• Suited to the measurement of low-volume manufactured parts. • Easy to use when operating one-handed due to retractable anvil. • In the 25 mm measuring range, the model lineup offers a choice of left or right positioning of the anvil-retraction button.• Greatly improved accuracy: indication error and graduation of 1 μm.• IP protection level: 54, coolant-splash resistant during grinding process.• Hard-coated crystal: enhanced oil and scratch resistance.• Indicator scale is large and easy to read.• The zero position and adjustable limit markers, for GO/±NG testing, are easily set.• Measuring faces: Carbide.DIMENSIONSUnit: mmUp to 25 mm measuring range (anvil-retraction button on the right side)Up to 25 mm measuring range (anvil-retraction button on the left side)Over 50 mm measuring range (anvil-retraction button on the left side)510-121510-141SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Range (mm)Indicating range (mm)Graduation (mm)Dial graduation (mm)Measuring force (N)Anvil retraction buttonMass (g)510-1210 - 25±0.060.0010.0015 - 10Right side 520510-141Left side 530510-12225 - 50670510-12350 - 75820510-12475 - 100970InchOrder No.Range (in)Indicating range (in)Graduation (in)Dial graduation (in)Measuring force (N)Anvil retraction buttonMass (g)510-1310 - 1±0.00230.00010.000055 - 10Right side 520510-151Left side 530510-1321 - 2670510-1332 - 3820510-1343 - 4970Range (mm)bdt0 - 252531.516.425 - 503856.51650 - 755081.575 - 10063106.510301030000000mm0.0013010606050504040302010dbb3.550319ø8d11.555.555.511.5Range31.5193503.5ø21ø8Retractable anvil buttonHeat shieldThickness: tWorkpiece stop (optional)ø21Workpiece stop (optional)000000mm0.0013010606050504040302010b3.550319ø8d11.555.5Retractable anvil buttonHeat shieldThickness: tø21Workpiece stop (optional)1010000000mm0.0013010606050504040302010dbb3.550319ø8d11.555.555.511.5Range31.5193503.521ø8Retractable anvil buttonHeat shieldThickness: tø21Workpiece stop (optional)000000mm0.0013010606050504040302010b3.550319ø8d11.555.5Retractable anvil buttonHeat shieldThickness: tø21Workpiece stop (optional)103040405050606010300.001mm000000000000mm0.0013010606050504040302010dbb3.550319ø8d11.555.555.511.5Range31.5193503.5ø21ø8Retractable anvil buttonHeat shieldThickness: tRetractable anvil buttonWorkpiece stop (optional)ø21Workpiece stop (optional)000000mm0.0013010606050504040302010b3.550319ø8d11.555.5Retractable anvil buttonHeat shieldThickness: tHeat shieldThickness: tø21Workpiece stop (optional)

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