B-88BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Technical Data• Graduation: 0.01 mm or 0.001 in• Spindle pitch: 0.5 mm or 0.025 in• Measuring face Material: Carbide Hardness: 90 HRA or more Lapped• Scale nishing: Satin-chrome platedMicrometer HeadsSERIES 149 — Small Standard Type with Carbide-Tipped Spindle• Carbide-tipped spindle provides high abrasion resistance. DIMENSIONSPlain StemPlain Stem and Spindle LockUnit: mmPlain stemPlain stemPlain stemPlain stemPlain stemPlain stemSpherical faceSpherical face149-132 Mass: 55 g(17)150545ø9.5 0-0.009ø6.35ø1543.5(58.5)32Set screw3.5149-183 Mass: 55 g0545ø15 Spindle lock(11.5)9.5ø6.3549(64)26.5Set screw3.5ø15ø9.5 0-0.009Spherical face149-801Reverse reading 149-8210 5 45 Spherical face149-803Reverse reading149-8230 5 45 *2 Other dimensions are the same as 149-183. ( ): with spindle fully retracted.*1 Other dimensions are the same as 149-132.SPECIFICATIONSMetricInchOrder No.Stroke (mm)Accuracy (µm)Stem dia. (mm)StemSpindle endGraduation featuresOrder No.Stroke (in)Accuracy (in)Stem dia. (in)StemSpindle endGraduation features149-13215±29.5PlainFlat (carbide tip)Standard149-1480.5±0.00010.375PlainFlat (carbide tip)Standard149-131W/clamp nut149-147W/clamp nut149-183 Plain*1149-185*3 Plain*1149-184W/clamp nut*1149-182W/clamp nut*1149-801PlainSpherical (SR4)(carbide tip)149-811PlainSpherical (SR4)(carbide tip)149-802W/clamp nut149-812W/clamp nut149-821PlainFlat (carbide tip)Reverse reading149-831*2PlainFlat (carbide tip)Reverse reading149-822W/clamp nut149-832*2W/clamp nut149-803*2 Plain*1Spherical (SR4)(carbide tip)Standard149-181*2 Plain*1Standard149-804*2W/clamp nut*1*1 With spindle lock *2 Made-to-order models *3 W/rachet (149-181) is available149-823*2 Plain*1Flat (carbide tip)Reverse reading149-824*2W/clamp nut*1*1 With spindle lock *2 Made-to-order models*1*2*2*1SR4SR4

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