INDEX-8Series No.DescriptionPageSeries No.DescriptionPage527ABSOLUTE Digimatic Depth Gage (Hook End Type)D-64530Vernier CaliperD-11531Vernier Caliper (Thumb Clamp)D-13532Vernier Caliper (Fine Adjustment)D-13534Long Jaw Vernier CaliperD-24, D-25536Blade Type Caliper (Vernier type)D-30536Hook Type Vernier CaliperD-35536Inside CaliperD-31536Neck CaliperD-33536Offset Caliper (Vernier Type)D-26536Offset Centerline Caliper (Vernier Type)D-27536Point Caliper (Vernier Type)D-29536Swivel Vernier CaliperD-35536Tube Thickness CaliperD-34539AT103 Linear Scales (Standard Spar Type)H-8539AT113 Linear Scales (Slim Spar Type)H-9539AT203 Linear Scales (Standard 6 mm max)H-11539AT211A/AT211B Linear Scales (Slim Spar, High Speed)H-12539AT402E Linear Scales (General-purpose Type)H-10539AT715 Linear Scales (Slim Spar Type)H-15539PSU-200/251/252 Interporation UnitH-22542EB Counter (for Linear Gage)G-16542EC CounterF-25542EC Counter (for Linear Gage)G-15542EG Counter (for Linear Gage)G-15542EH Counter (for Linear Gage)G-17542EV Counter (for Linear Gage)G-18542Linear Gage (Long Stroke Type)G-10542LGB2 Linear Gage (Slim)G-6542LGF Linear Gage (Economical Design Robust) G-7542LGF Linear Gage (0.1 μm Resolution)G-8542LGH Linear Gage (0.01 μm Resolution)G-13542LGK Linear Gage (Slim, Robust)G-5543ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-C (Peak-Value Hold Type)F-12543ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-C (Bore Gage Type)F-14543ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-C (Calculation Type)F-16543ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-C (Signal Output Function Type)F-19543ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-CXF-7543ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-FF-24543ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-H (High Accuracy and High Functionality Type)F-22543ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-N/BF-10543ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-SXF-5543ABSOLUTE Solar-Powered Digimatic Indicator ID-SSF-3544LSM-500S Laser Scan Micrometer G-31544LSM-501S Laser Scan Micrometer G-31544LSM-503S Laser Scan Micrometer G-32544LSM-506S Laser Scan Micrometer G-32544LSM-512S Laser Scan Micrometer G-33544LSM-516S Laser Scan Micrometer G-33544LSM-5200 Laser Scan Micrometer G-35544LSM-6200 Laser Scan Micrometer G-35544LSM-6902H Laser Scan Micrometer G-34544LSM-9506 Laser Scan Micrometer G-34546Contact Force GageF-82547ABSOLUTE Digimatic Depth GageD-68547Thickness GagesF-79550ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper (Nib Style Jaws)D-14551ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper (Nib Style, Standard Jaws)D-15552ABSOLUTE Coolant Proof Carbon Fiber Caliper (with standard jaws)D-17552ABSOLUTE Coolant Proof Carbon Fiber Caliper (with Long Jaws)D-19552ABSOLUTE Coolant Proof Carbon Fiber Caliper (with Ceramic Jaws)D-20552ABSOLUTE Coolant Proof Carbon Fiber Caliper (with Interchangeable Jaws)D-21565Gauge Block Comparator GBCD-100AE-31565Gauge Block Comparator GBCD-250E-31568Borematic (ABSOLUTE)C-13570ABSOLUTE Digimatic Height GageD-45570ABSOLUTE Digimatic Height Gage (ABSOLUTE)D-45571ABSOLUTE Digimatic Depth GageD-62571ABSOLUTE Digimatic Depth Gage (Hook End Type) D-64571Tire tread Depth GageD-65 572ABSOLUTE Coolant Proof Digimatic Scale UnitsH-3572ABSOLUTE Digimatic Scale UnitsH-5572Digimatic Scale UnitsH-3573ABSOLUTE Back-Jaw Centerline CaliperD-28573ABSOLUTE Blade Type CaliperD-30573ABSOLUTE Inside CaliperD-31573ABSOLUTE Low Force CaliperD-36573ABSOLUTE Neck CaliperD-33573ABSOLUTE Offset CaliperD-26573ABSOLUTE Offset Centerline CaliperD-27573ABSOLUTE Point CaliperD-29573ABSOLUTE Snap CaliperD-37573ABSOLUTE Tube Thickness CaliperD-34575ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-U (Slim and Economical Design)F-21575LGD Linear Gage (ABSOLUTE)G-11575LGS Linear Gage (ABSOLUTE)G-12579ST36 Linear ScalesH-18579ST46 - EZA Glass Linear ScalesH-19579ST700 Linear ScalesH-20579ST1300 Linear ScalesH-21700700Quick-MiniB-59800 - 899810Hardmatic HH-411M-8810HM-101/102/103 M-3810HM-210/220M-3810HR-530/530LM-6810HR-610A/620A/620BM-5810HV-110/120M-4811Hardmatic HH-300M-8900 - 999 960Precision LevelsE-44963HR-110MR/210MR/320MS/430MR/430MSM-7967Bench CenterE-44

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