C-37CMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.• Compact and lightweight due to the short length below the grip.• Longer plunger stroke with no effect on accuracy. • Carbide contact point ensures high durability and wear resistance.• This model reduces the inuence of heat from the operator's hand by 50% by increasing the grip size and making the grip hollow-structured, thereby retaining high-accuracy measurement.• The indicator (dial indicator, Digimatic indicator) and dial protection cover are optional. Select an indicator from the recommended dial indicators and Digimatic indicators. Please contact us for advice when using an indicator other than the recommended indicators.• A Bore Gage Checker and a range of Setting Rings are available to aid in accurately setting a gage before making a measurement. (For details, refer to pages C-46 and C-47.)Bore GagesSERIES 511 — Short Leg Type511-761511-762511-761511-763511-763Bore GagesFor easy and accurate measurement of inside diametersNote 1: A 50 mm sub-anvil is supplied with 511-763.Note 2: A 2 in sub-anvil is supplied with 511-783.Note 3: It is not permissible to use a sub-anvil other than as supplied as a standard accessory, or widen a measuring range by using multiple sub-anvils. (The measurement accuracy in such cases is not guaranteed.)SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Range (mm)Stroke of contact point (mm)Measuring force (N)Guide force (N)Content of setProbing depth (mm)Bore gageDial indicatorDial protection coverAnvilInterchangeable WasherSub-AnvilSpanner511-76118 - 351.24 or less6 or less511-761Not suppliedNot supplied9 pcs.2 pcs.Not supplied1 pc.50511-76235 - 60511-7626 pcs.4 pcs.Not supplied511-76350 - 1501.65 or less10 or less511-76311 pcs.1 pc.511-764100 - 160511-76413 pcs.Not supplied511-77118 - 351.24 or less6 or less511-7612109SB-10(Graduation: 0.001 mm)21DZA0009 pcs.2 pcs.Not supplied1 pc.50511-77235 - 60511-7626 pcs.4 pcs.Not supplied511-77350 - 1501.65 or less10 or less511-76311 pcs.1 pc.511-774100 - 160511-76413 pcs.Not supplied511-76618 - 351.24 or less6 or less511-7612046SB(Graduation: 0.01 mm)21DZA0009 pcs.2 pcs.Not supplied1 pc.50511-76735 - 60511-7626 pcs.4 pcs.Not supplied511-76850 - 1501.65 or less10 or less511-76311 pcs.1 pc.511-769100 - 160511-76413 pcs.Not suppliedInchOrder No.Range (in)Stroke of contact point (in)Measuring force (N)Guide force (N)Content of setProbing depth (in)Bore gageDial indicatorDial protection coverAnvilInterchangeable WasherSub-AnvilSpanner511-7810.7 - 1.40.0474 or less6 or less511-781Not suppliedNot supplied9 pcs.2 pcs.Not supplied1 pc.2511-7821.4 - 2.5511-7826 pcs.4 pcs.Not supplied511-7832.0 - 6.00.0635 or less10 or less511-78311 pcs.1 pc.511-7844.0 - 6.5511-78413 pcs.Not supplied511-7910.7 - 1.40.0474 or less6 or less511-7812923SB-10(Graduation: 0.0001 in)21DZA0009 pcs.2 pcs.Not supplied1 pc.2511-7921.4 - 2.5511-7826 pcs.4 pcs.Not supplied511-7932.0 - 6.00.0635 or less10 or less511-78311 pcs.1 pc.511-7944.0 - 6.5511-78413 pcs.Not supplied511-7860.7 - 1.40.0474 or less6 or less511-7812922SB(Graduation: 0.0005 in)21DZA0009 pcs.2 pcs.Not supplied1 pc.2511-7871.4 - 2.5511-7826 pcs.4 pcs.Not supplied511-7882.0 - 6.00.0635 or less10 or less511-78311 pcs.1 pc.511-7894.0 - 6.5511-78413 pcs.Not suppliedTechnical Data• Accuracy:Metric models 2 μmInch models 0.00008 in• Repeatability:Metric models 0.5 μmInch models 0.00002 in• Adjacent error:Metric models 1 μmInch models 0.00004 inOptional Accessories• Dial indicator (See Chapter F)• Dial protection cover: 21DZA000Recommended Dial Indicators (see Chapter F)• Metric models:2046SB (0.01 mm)2972TB (0.01 mm - One revolution type)2109SB-10 (0.001 mm)2900SB-10 (0.001 mm - One-revolution type)• Inch models:2922SB (0.0005 in)2977TB (0.0005 in - One-revolution type)2923SB-10 (0.0001 in)2910SB-10 (0.0001 in - One-revolution type)Note: Indicators equipped with rubber bellows, such as water-proof types, cannot be used.Note: The dial indicator and the protection cover are optional.

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