D-24DMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Round jaws for accurate ID measurement• Long jaws for measuring hard-to-reach workpiece features.• Inside and outside measurements can be read directly from the upper and lower vernier scales.Long Jaw Vernier CaliperSERIES 534 534-110SPECIFICATIONSMetric with inside measurement vernier scaleOrder No.Range (mm)*Accuracy (mm)Graduation (mm)Remarks534-1090 (10.1) - 300±0.070.05without ne adjustment534-1100 (20.1) - 500±0.13* ( ): Minimum dimension in inside measurementMetric/Inch with metric/inch double scaleOrder No.Range (mm)*Accuracy (mm)GraduationRemarks534-1010 (10.1) – 300±0.070.05 mm/1/128 in+10 mm/0.394 in to reading in inside measurementwithout ne adjustment534-105±0.040.02 mm/0.001 in534-1020 (20.1) - 500±0.130.05 mm/1/128 in+20 mm/0.787 in to reading in inside measurementwithout ne adjustment534-106±0.060.02 mm/0.001 in534-1030 (20.1) - 750±0.160.05 mm/1/128 in534-107±0.080.02 mm/0.001 in534-1040 (20.1) - 1000±0.200.05 mm/1/128 in534-108±0.100.02 mm/0.001 in* ( ): Minimum dimension in inside measurement

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