D-26DMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Technical Data• Accuracy:Refer to the list of specications. (excluding quantizing error for Digimatic models)• Resolution*1: 0.01 mm or 0.0005 in/0.01 mm• Graduation*2: 0.05 mm• Display*1:LCD• Scale type*1:ABSOLUTE electromagnetic induction linear encoder• Max. response speed*1: Unlimited• Battery: SR44 (1 pc), 938882, for initial operational checks (standard accessory)• Battery life*1:Approx. 5 years under normal use (Approx. 1 year: 300 mm model)• Dust/Water protection level*1: IP67 (IEC 60529)*3 *1 Digimatic models *2 Analog models *3 Rustproong shall be applied after use if caliper was in contact with coolant. Optional Accessories for Digimatic ModelsFor details, refer to page D-38.959143: Data hold unit • Connecting cables for IT/DP/MUX 05CZA624: SPC cable with data button (1 m) 05CZA625: SPC cable with data button (2 m)• USB Input Tool Direct 06AFM380A: SPC cable for USB-ITN-A (2 m)• Connecting cables for U-WAVE-T 02AZD790A: SPC cable with data button (160 mm) 02AZE140A: SPC cable for foot switchWireless Data Output • U-WAVE-TC: 264-620 (IP67 type) 264-621 (Buzzer type)• Connecting unit for U-WAVE-TC: 02AZF310 (IP67 type)Note: IP67 model is water/dust-proofed suitable for the factory oor. Buzzer type is not water/dust-proofed.Refer to page A-15 for details. Note: cannot be used with 573-611-20, 573-612-20 and 573-6140000045042Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink (refer to page A-5 for details).• The beam-mounted jaw can be adjusted to facilitate measurement of stepped sections and hard-to-get-at workpiece features.• Digimatic models are IP67 Absolute type. No need to reset the origin after switching on. (Refer to page D-8 for a description of Absolute measurement.)• Allows integration into statistical process control and measurement systems for models with measurement data output connector. Refer to page A-3.Offset CaliperSERIES 573, 536 —ABSOLUTE Digimatic and vernier types536-101SPECIFICATIONSMetric Digimatic modelOrder No.Range (mm)Accuracy (mm)573-601-200 - 150±0.02573-611-20*0 - 150±0.02573-602-200 - 200±0.02573-612-20*0 - 200±0.02573-6040 - 300±0.03573-614*0 - 300±0.03* Without thumb rollerInch/Metric Digimatic modelOrder No.Range (in)Accuracy (in)573-701-200 - 6±0.001573-702-200 - 8±0.001573-7040 - 12±0.0015Metric Analog modelOrder No.Range (mm)Accuracy (mm)536-1010 - 150±0.05536-1020 - 200±0.05536-1030 - 300±0.08DIMENSIONS Unit: mmOrder No.ModelRange (mm)ABCDGHNWt573-601-20Digimatic model0 - 15016.52114.6401016(18)953.5573-602-200 - 2002024.518.150(4)573-6040 - 3002227.519.8641520(23.5)1353.8536-101Analog model0 - 1501721.517401016(18)953536-1020 - 20020.52520.550(4)536-1030 - 3002227.522641520(23.5)1353.8573-601-20AABDDttNNCBCHHWWGGDigimatic modelAnalog model

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