D-54Mitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.DVarious peripheral devices(1)(2)(3)(4)(6)(8)(9)(10)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16)(17)(18)(11) •12AAN048*2 Receipt printer (for Japan)12AAN049*2 Receipt printer (for North America)12AAN050*2 Receipt printer (for EU; excluded U.K.)12AAN051*2 Receipt printer (for U.K.) •12AAN052: Receipt paper (10-roll set) •12AAA804: Cable for page printer (2 m) •12AAA807: RS-232C cable (2 m/80 in) •12AAG920: RS-232C cable (3 m/118 in) •Digimatic cable936937 (1 m) 965014 (2 m) • • • • • • • 12AAF668: ø10 mm ball probe, L = 82 mm (coaxial type) 12AAF669: ø10 mm ball probe, L = 120 mm (coaxial type) 12AAF670: ø5 mm disk probe 12AAF671: ø10 mm disk probe(12) 957264: ø14 mm disk probe(13) 957265: ø20 mm disk probe 12AAF672: ø1 mm ball offset probe(14) 12AAA788: ø4 mm ball offset probe ø5 mm ball offset probe 05HAA394(15) 12AAA789: ø6 mm ball offset probe(16) 226116: Test indicator (ø6 mm stem) adapter Sample workpiece 12AAA879(17) 226117: M2 CMM stylus adapter*1(18) 226118: M3 CMM stylus adapter*1 • CMM ball and disk hard probes are available. ø2 932377A, ø3 932378A ø5 932379A, ø6 932380A ø10 532328 Disc probe ø20 532345, ø30 930803 • 12AAF712: Battery pack • • •(1) 12AAC072: Depth probe(2) 12AAC073: ø20 mm taper probe(3) 12AAA792: Dial indicator (ø8 mm stem) holder(4) 12AAA793: Probe extension holder (85 mm/3.3 in) 12AAB136: ø10 mm cylindrical probe(6) 932361: Mu-checker lever head holder* *Additional auxiliary weights are required (total 4 pcs). 12AAF666: ø1 mm ball probe (coaxial type) 12AAF667: ø2 mm ruby ball probe (coaxial type)(8) 957261: ø2 mm ball probe (coaxial type)(9) 957262: ø3 mm ball probe (coaxial type)(10) 957263: ø4 mm ball probe (coaxial type)(11) 12AAB552: ø10 mm ball probe, L = 55 mm (coaxial type)The power grip makes it easy to approach the workpiece.The sample workpiece shown in the above photo is an optional accessory (12AAA879).Thickness measurement (Outside)Width measurement (Inside)Height measurement (Upward facing)Height measurement (Downward facing)Diameter measurement (Hole)*1 For enabling CMM styli to be used. *2Attachment for xing the connecting cable is provided asstandard. 1013377977600262ø5237(10)(68)28882.5DIMENSIONS Optional AccessoriesUnit: mmExample of measurements

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