A-7AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Measurement Data ManagementConvenient data collection tool and quality control softwareMeasurLink Data Collection/Analysis SoftwareReal-Time Standard (RT Std)Real-Time Professional (RT Pro)Real-Time Professional 3D (RT Pro 3D)RT Std/Pro/Pro 3D Common Functions• Connectable measuring instruments· Measuring tool with Digimatic output(equipped with PC data processing unit)[Supported interfaces]Wireless (USB) U-WAVE (VCP)Wired (USB)IT-016U/USB-ITN (VCP or HID)Wireless (D-sub 9 pin)IT-007R MUX-10F, DP-1VA LOGGER, and others• Screen display mode when collecting data· Classic SPC view· Data sheet· 2D view · Parts data sheet, etc.• Statistical Analysis result[Chart]Xbar-R, Xbar-S, X-Rs control charts, Histogram, Run chart, Pre-control chart, Tear chart, Meta chart, Indicator bar, multivariate data control chart, etc.[Statistics]Maximum value, Minimum value, Standard deviation, Average ±3/4/6, Process capability indexes (Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk), Defect ratio• Alarm function[Target items]· Out of tolerance· 1 point exceeds control limit line (following are related to management chart) · Consecutive 9 points on one side of center line · 6 points successively increasing or decreasing Others including 8 judgment criteria for Shewhart control chart• Adding traceability information· Measurement date (automatically added) · Serial No. (Keyboard entry)· Special causes and remedies· Selection from comment list registered as an option· Enter from keyboard when measuring classied title registered as an option(e.g. Lot No. LOT 001)• Report print out function· Measurement values, analysis calculation results and various charts can be arranged to output according to requirements.• Export function of measuring result· Excel format· CSV format• Security function· Once the access authorization is set, it requires "User name" and "Password" input before the program will start. Data editing actions such as reference, entry and changes require authorization according to the user's role in order to preserve data reliability.• Operation languages14 languages are supported:· Japanese, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Korean,Chinese (simplified characters), Finnish, PortugueseMeasurLink Real-Time is the Statistical Process Control (SPC) MeasurLink module that collects data from Mitutoyo and third-party measuring devices and systems to provide analysis functionality in real-time by displaying control charts or process capability indexes. Three versions are offered so that a customer can choose the version that best suits the requirements, from a standard version providing basic functionality through to the full-spec version offering data handling using Hoops 3D graphics. (Refer to Table 1 on the next page.)• Various data viewsThe measurement results are displayed in various views, including statistical analysis results, data lists, and work process imaging. The display can be switched instantly according to the needs of the operator.[Data sheet] NEWIndividual data can be displayed in the list per measurement item.[Classic SPC view]Graphs and lists can be freely selected to display data for a single measurement items. It is useful for checking detailed information such as date and time of the acquired data. (Fig. 1) Alarm notification by E-mail(Fig. 2) Export to Excel[2D view]A word balloon function is available having a picture or a diagram of the workpiece on the back. It can be used as work process instructions.• Adding traceability informationTraceability information for each workpiece can be added, for example, serial no., lot no., inspector name, machine no., or cause of problems and remedies.This information can be used as search criteria when extracting data using the filtering function (RT Pro/RT Pro 3D) when a problem occurs.• Alarm functionThe operator is notified when an "Out of Tolerance" or "Out of Control Limit" situation occurs.The method of notification can be selected from a pop-up window, e-mail (Fig. 1), or log file recording.• Exporting data to an Excel fileMeasurement data can be exported to an Excel file. This function is useful if the data needs to be used in a department that does not have MeasurLink.(Fig. 2)Click the tab to switch the display.

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