F-24FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Technical Data• Display: 6-digit LCD, sign, and analog bar with 2-color backlight• Power supply: 9 V DC (via AC adaptor) 06AEG302*1 *1 To denote your AC power cable add the following sufxes to the order No.: JA for UL/CSA and PSE, D for CEE, DC for CCC, E for BS, K for KC• Lifting lever: 137693Functions• Max/Min value hold• Runout measurement (difference between maximum/minimum values)• Zero-setting (INC system)• Presetting (ABS system)• Direction switching• Tolerance judgment• Digital display switching (0.01 mm 0.001 mm)• Analog resolution selection (±0.02, ±0.04, ±0.1, ±0.2, ±0.4 mm)• Function locking• Data output• Error alarm displayOptional Accessories• Lifting cable: 540774 (stroke 25.4 mm)• Lug-on-center back: 101040(ISO/JIS type) 101306 (ASME/ANSI/AGD type)• Auxiliary spindle spring: 02ACA571 (25.4 mm/1 inch models)*2 02ACA773 (50.8 mm/2 inch models)*2 *2 Required when orienting the indicator upside down.• SPC cable: 936937 (1 m) 965014 (2 m)• USB Input Tool Direct (2 m): 06AFM380D• Input Tool Series IT-016U (USB Keyboard Signal Conversion Type): 264-016-10 IT-007R (RS-232C Communication Conversion Type): 264-007 Refer to page F-66 for details.• Connecting Cables for U-WAVE-T (160 mm): 02AZD790D For foot switch: 02AZE140D Refer to page F-66 for details.• Contact points for Mitutoyo’s dial indicators *3• Interchangeable backs for Series 2 models*4• Digimatic Mini-Processor DP-1VA LOGGER: 264-505• Measuring stands *3 Refer to pages F-57 to F-60 for details. *4 Refer to page F-61 for details.Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink (refer to page A-5 for details).ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-FSERIES 543 —with Back-litLCD Screen• GO/±NG judgment function: If a judgment result shows an out of tolerance condition, the display backlighting changes from green to red.• An analog bar indicator has been integrated to make upper/lower limit and turnover point reading more comfortable. • The ABS (absolute) scale restores the last origin position*1 automatically when the indicator is turned on, and realizes high reliability by eliminating over-speed errors.• Easy-to-read large LCD readout with the character height of 8.5 mm. • External power supply type: an AC adapter is a standard accessory.• The resolution can be switched between 0.001 mm/0.01 mm (or 0.001 inch/0.0005 inch/0.0001 inch/0.00005 inch).• Equipped with a data output port that enables incorporation into measurement networking and statistical process control systems (refer to page A-3).543-551543-553Multi-functional model SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.*2Range (mm)Resolution (mm)Accuracy*3 (mm)543-551250.001, 0.010.003543-557500.003543-553500.006*2 To denote your AC power cable add the following sufxes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, DC for CCC, E for BS, K for KC, No sufx is required for JIS/100 V *3 Quantizing error of ±1 count is excluded.Inch/MetricOrder No.*2RangeResolutionAccuracy*3543-5521 inch /25.4 mm0.00005 in, 0.0001 in, 0.0005 in, 0.001 in, 0.001 mm, 0.01 mm0.00012 in /0.003 mm543-5582 inch /50.8 mm0.00012 in/0.003 mm543-5542 inch /50.8 mm0.00024 in/0.006 mm*2 To denote your AC power cable add the following sufxes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, DC for CCC, E for BS, K for KC, No sufx is required for JIS/100 V*3 Quantizing error of ±1 count is excluded.Green indication for GO judgmentRed indication for ±NG judgment*1 Regarding origin setting, refer to “Origin Setting of Digimatic Indicators” on page F-25.ISO/JIS typeASME/ANSI/AGD typeDigimatic IndicatorsComparison measuring instruments which ensure high quality, high accuracy and reliability.DIMENSIONSUnit: inASME/ANSI/AGD Type543-551543-553, 543-5571143.366ø19.285.283.2 ø8 0-0.0097.3ø4.8 110.697.319.565.352Ball contact (ø3)901312(threaded: M2.5×0.45)Unit: mmISO/JIS Type543-55243.311ø19.266ø4.8 ø8 0-0.0097.384.857.783.2702619.540.8Ball contact (ø3)901312(threaded: M2.5×0.45)21BZB005(thread: No. 4-48UNF)3.282.600.681/41.661.02ø0.760.432.273.302.671.70ø0.19ø0.375 0-0.0012Ball contact (ø0.12)Ball contact (ø0.12)21BZB005(thread: No.4-48UNF)952.622.050.68ø0.3750-0.00120.431.70ø0.762.603.281/44.323.35543-554, 543-558

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