F-26FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Feature iconsIconFeature description90100Continuous scale10100Balanced scaleReverse reading type, Suitable for depth and step measurement.One revolution type for easy and error-free readingDouble scale spacing type, easy-on-the-eyesShockproof63Waterproof (IP63)64Waterproof (IP64)With damper at lowest rest pointJeweled bearingPeak retainingDustproofWith coaxial revolution counterBack PlungerAdjustable handNote: Mitutoyo produces ASME-compatible products. Contact us for details.Mitutoyo’s dial indicators have long been used by many of our customers. In full recognition of their needs, we have devoted ourselves to the research and development necessary to produce high-quality and high-accuracy dial indicators. Due to the recent re-acknowledgement of the importance of measurement technologies, the demands on dial indicators are many and varied: installation in measuring jigs, mounting in countless types of precision equipment, etc. We offer numerous models with various types of dial faces, measuring ranges, graduation styles and environmental resistance ratings. The stems, which ensure the xture reliability, and the spindles, which are the basis of accuracy, have excellent resistance against hard use thanks to the hardened stainless steel construction. 0.01 mm resolution dial indicators have a grand gear made of stainless steel with high resistance to wear and deformation. 0.001 mm graduation dial indicators employ a sector gear made of a special alloy in order to further increase the resistance to wear. S-type dial indicators employ an O-ring to ensure the air tightness between the outer frame and the crystal case in order to prevent water or oil penetration. Important factors in choosing a dial indicator: the size (bezel diameter), resolution (graduation) and measuring range. Use the table on the right to help choose a suitable model for your application.Dial Indicators Parts of a dial indicator Limit handSerial No. GraduationsRevolution counterBezel clampDial faceOrder No.BezelPointer (or hand)StemSpindle (or Plunger)Contact pointCapDial IndicatorsComparison measuring instruments which ensure high quality, high accuracy and reliability.

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