A-10AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.MeasurLink Process Management for AdministratorsProcess ManagerMeasurLink Process Manager enables centralized monitoring of real-time measurement information and checking of detailed information from all MeasurLink data collection terminals networked together on the shop floor. Measurement results can be checked in real-time to enable minimizing defects without visiting the shop floor. In addition to simple GO/NG judgments, use of tools such as Manager View, histograms, process capability indexes, etc., make it possible to find abnormal process trends easily.Loggable Event• Start and end of measurement• Recollection/change of measurement data• Irregular value occurrence (Out of tolerance, out of management, sequence, tendency, etc.)• Unmissable causes• Change of process capability index (Acceptance to rejection/Rejection to acceptance)Contents of Call-out Display• Station name (terminal name of each measuring instrument)• Inspection procedure (measuring procedure name for each part)• Final revision date/time (data input time, etc.)• Measured item information: Displays the designated number of items from the top (1) Inspection record le name* (2) Measurement item* (3) Process capability index* (Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, etc., multiple selection available) * Measurement items are sortable (ascending, descending order)• Manager ViewDisplays various types of charts as an at-a-glance guide. The administrator can narrow down all items of data currently being measured into a specific monitoring range of those of critical importance or sort those data (in ascending or descending order) on the basis of process capability index.Possible to sort charts in the view and narrow down the monitoring range.[Events possible to be logged]•Measurement start/termination•Recollection/change of measurement data•Occurrence of outliers(Out-of-tolerance/out-of-control/run/trend, etc.)•Out-of-recognition cause•Change of process capability index(Acceptance to rejection/rejection to acceptance)• Global measurement value viewDisplays bar graphs that can determine good or bad process capability indexes at a glance. This allows the administrator to sort all current measurement data (in ascending or descending order) on the basis of process capability index, measurement date and time, part name, etc.• Log viewDisplays various types of events that occur during measurement. This allows the administrator to grasp the state of measurement operation (measurement start/termination, etc.) and the occurrence of an abnormal event (out-of-tolerance, etc.) for all current measurement data.• Plant viewDisplays a process capability index for each measuring instrument on the plant layout drawing. This allows the administrator to quickly identify the location where an abnormality has occurred.Displays graphics files (bmp, jpg, gif, png) in the plant layout drawing in the background.Call-out boxes with a leader can be arranged on an instrument-by-instrument (station-by-station) basis in conformity with the plant layout drawing in the background.[Contents of call-out display]•Station name (terminal name of each instrument)•Inspection procedure (measuring procedure name for each part)•Final revision date/time (data input time, etc.)•Measured item information: Display of items for the specified number from top down (1) Inspection record file name* (2) Measured item name* (3) Process capability index* (Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, etc.: two or more selectable) * Measured items can be sorted (in ascending or descending order).Call-out for each stationMeterColumn indicatorBox plotCapability barRun chartSelects various charts such as run charts and histograms to display as an at-a-glance guide. (Multiple types of charts can be displayed in Manager View.)

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