F-56FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Inch Order No.Graduation (in)Range (range/rev) (in)Accuracy* (in) Repeatbility (in)Dial readingMeasuring force (N)First 1 Rev/2.5 Rev/10 RevRetrace1961T0.0010.04 (0.05)±0.001/—/—0.0002±0.000220-0-201.4 or less1166T0.0010.2 (0.05)±0.001/±0.001/±0.0010.00033±0.0002±0-501.4 or less1167T0.0010.2 (0.05)±0.001/±0.001/±0.0010.00033±0.00020-25-01.4 or less1168T0.0010.2 (0.05)±0.001/±0.001/±0.0010.00033±0.000250-01.4 or less• Back Plunger type dial indicators are suitable for mounting onto leveling machine tool tables or inspection jigs, and for use in situations where standard dial indicators are difcult to read. • Model 1960T and 1961T, which uses Mitutoyo’s proprietary shock-proong mechanism, has excellent durability and shock resistance.Back Plunger Type Dial IndicatorsSERIES 1Holding bar (optional) Order No.D (mm)L (mm)21AAA166ø642136567ø681124625ø6.358121AAA167ø6.354221AAA168ø842136568ø881Note: øD and L: detail shown in drawing below.InchOrder No.———1961T44————1166T——————1167T——————1168T——4——— ANSI/AGD typeDIMENSIONS Order No.ABCEFGH1166T1.570.871.407/80.980.431.651167T1.570.871.407/80.980.431.651168T1.570.871.407/80.980.431.651961T1.570.871.407/80.980.431.57ISO/JIS TypeOrder No.ABCEFGH1160T4022.135.622.22513.843.31162T4022.135.622.22513.843.31960T4022.135.622.228.712.846Note: Contact point (standard accessory) for all products in this page has a role as a top dead point stopper. For this reason, if you need to install an optional contact point with an outside diameter smaller than 7 mm, use a washer (with outside diameter of at least 7 mm, inside diameter of 3 mm, and thickness of approx. 0.5 mm) placed between the contact point and the spindle. Refer to pages F-57 to F-60 for details of contact points.ANSI/AGD Typeø58ø55.6øCø51ø35øDøDøDø9.52 0-0.03ø9.52 0-0.03ø9.52 0-0.03ø4ø4ø4No.4-48UNFHolding bar (optional)Holding bar(optional)Holding bar (optional)øABFGEHLNo.4-48UNF(ø6 only)I22252310.9No.4-48UNFI25.54026.513.555.54011661167116819612961T2991T-104-48UNFHolding bar (optional)Hø0.375 0-0.0012ø0.16EGFøDøCBøA0.20LBFGøDHøAø4LøCE116011621960Holding bar (optional)M2.5x0.45ø8 0-0.009ø55.6M2.5x0.45M2.5x0.452960Fø8 0-0.009ø8 0-0.0092990øDø5852823.712.8ø35.622.1ø4ø51L4551721.55925.5ø4Holding bar (optional)Holding bar (optional)M2.5×0.45øABøCøDFGEø4ø8 0-0.009HL51160T Back PlungerGraduation: 0.01 mm,Measuring range: 5 mm1162T Back PlungerGraduation: 0.01 mm,Measuring range: 5 mmContinuous scale901001160TReverse readingHolding bar1960T One revolution Shockproof Back PlungerGraduation: 0.01 mm,Measuring range: 1 mmBalanced scale10100An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-11 for details.SPECIFICATIONSMetric Order No.Graduation (mm)Range (range/rev) (mm)Accuracy* (µm)Repeatbility (µm)Dial readingMeasuring force (N)Measuring rangeRetrace1/10 Rev1 Rev1960T0.011 (1.27)1448—350-0-501.4 or less1160T0.015 (1)1648143±0-1001.4 or less1162T0.015 (1)1648143100-01.4 or less* Completed products inspection is performed in the vertical orientation (contact point downward) and the stated accuracy is guaranteed.FEATURESMetricOrder No.———1960T44————1160T——————1162T——4——— ISO/JIS type* Completed products inspection is performed in the vertical orientation (contact point downward) and the stated accuracy is guaranteed.Unit: mmUnit: in

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