F-61FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.SPECIFICATIONSDescriptionOrder No.Series 1 (ø31, ø36, ø40 mm)Series 2(ø57 mm)Series 3, 4 (ø78, 92 mm)Flat Back101211: a=2.2136872: for water-proof type191559: for 1911TB-10,1913TB-10, 1921TB-10,1923TB-10, 1925TB-10137906: for 1003TB101039: a=2.521AZB231: for water-proof of S type192910:(F type waterproof model)100836: a=3.0Lug-on-Center Back101210: metric type101307: inch type190561: for 1911T-10, 1913-10190139: 1921T-10, 1923T-10, 1925T-10137905: for 1003T101040: metric type101306: inch type21AZB230: for water-proof of S type (mm)21BZB104: for water-proof of S type (inch)100691: metric type100797: inch typeMagnetic BackSpecial order900928900929Back with Offset LugSpecial order101167100837Back with Post193172 Custom made101169100839Back with Screw Mount193173: M6×1, Custom made193174: #1/4-28UNF, Custom made136023: M6×1101170: #1/4-28UNF136024: M6×1100840: #1/4-28UNFAdjustable Back136025: M6×1129721: #1/4-20UNC136026: M6×1101168: #1/4-20UNC136027: M6×1100838: #1/4-20UNCBack with Adjustable Bracket—901963—8ø44aø12.7M6×111.728ø12.722.212.732M6×1Series1: 5.35Series2: 6.3550.2718.5ø7.1ø10.53825.538161612ø6.5ø2045°45°6.351612ø6.5ø2045°45°5Unit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmInterchangeable BacksOptional Accessory for Digimatic and Dial IndicatorsDial IndicatorsComparison measuring instruments which ensure high quality, high accuracy and reliability.Application• A dial or Digimatic indicator may be held in position by clamping on either the stem or the lug on the back of the indicator. The back of the indicator may need to be interchanged with another type for special applications. A wide variety of backs is available for Mitutoyo Digimatic and dial indicators.• Most lugged backs can be rotated by 90° because they have four retaining screws. However, 190561 and 137905 (for compact dial indicators) are only equipped with two retaining screws, therefore the lug orientation cannot be changed.If back lids are replaced when using a waterproof or dustproof model, the water resistance will not be guaranteed.When installing to 297XTB series, separately prepare 4 fixing screws (546666 Self-tapping screw only for resin).Do not apply a tightening torque of more than 20 N-cm in order to avoid stripping the screw threads.When attaching a back lid to a Digimatic indicator, prepare the back lid fixing screws (21AAA307, 4 pcs).

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