F-62FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Spindle Lifting Lever•The Spindle Lifting Lever is attached to the top end of the spindle for improved inspection efciency when using a dial indicator mounted on a stand.Application902011*3Use for F type Series 2 dial indicators (up to 10 mm/0.4 inch range).902100*1Use for S type Series 1 and F type Series 2 (up to 10 mm/0.4 inch range) dial indicators.21AZB149*2Use for S type Series 2, 3, and 4 dial indicators (up to 10 mm/0.4 inch).21AZB150*2Use for S type Series 2 and 3 dial indicators (from 10 mm/0.4 inch up to 20 mm/0.8 inch).21BZA205*1*3Use for F type Series 1 dial indicators.900527: Lever101171: ScrewSpindle Lifting Lever and CableOptional Accessories for Digimatic and Dial Indicators21EZA198*1*3Use for ID-SS, ID-SX, ID-CX21AZB149: Lever101171: Screw903424*1*3Use for F type Series 2 dial indicators (up to 20 mm/0.8 inch range) and Series 3 and 4 dial indicators (up to 10 mm/0.4 inch range).903307: Lever192686: Screw*1 Before use, replace the stop screw with the standard accessory.*2 Use the stop screw already fixed to the dial indicator body.*3 Stop screw is for mm model.

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