F-68FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Dial Test IndicatorSERIES 513 — Horizontal TypeSpecial Set:513-908-10E(Metric)513-404-10E:Dial test indicator7014-10:Mini magnetic stand513-907-10E (inch)513-402-10E:Dial test indicator7014E-10:Mini magnetic standDIMENSIONS•Provides easy access to shrouded surfaces that cannot be reached with conventional dial indicators.•No-clutch structure for automatic reversal of measuring direction.•Resistant to water and dust thanks to the one-piece bezel and O-ring seal for the crystal.•The glare-free at crystal face has a scratch-resistant coating.•High sensitivity and quick response due to low-friction jeweled bearings.unit: mmHorizontalL2L31842.71624.1ø408.7L138.7ø8 0-0.038.917.6Order No.L1L2L3513-401-10E14.711.227513-471-10E513-405-10E/A/T18.715.2513-475-10E513-425-10E/A28513-404-10E/A/T20.917.427513-474-10E513-424-10E/A/T22.218.7513-426-10E/A28513-478-10E27513-414-10E/A/T37.433.9513-415-10E/A/T44.541.0513-477-10ETypeOrder No.L1L2Compact513-465-10E18.715.2513-464-10E20.917.4513-466-10E22.218.724.18.738.7L116ø29.2L2ø8 0-0.0318278.942.717.6CompactNote: A slight difference may occur depending on the center of the contact point, graduation plate, and stem fixing position, etc.17.4513-404-10EContact point No. 103006513-415-10EContact point No. 13601341.0513-465-10EContact point No. 10301115.20.65 in513-402-10EContact point No. 133195513-404-10E/10A/10T/10CGraduation: 0.01 mmRange: 0.8 mmGraduation: 0.01 mmRange: 0.5 mm513-424-10E/10A/10TGraduation: 0.01 mmRange: 0.5 mm513-414-10E/10A/10T513-415-10E/10A/10TGraduation: 0.01 mmRange: 1.0 mmGraduation: 0.002 mmRange: 0.2 mm513-405-10E/10A/10TGraduation: 0.002 mmRange: 0.6 mm513-425-10E/10AGraduation: 0.002 mmRange: 0.2 mm513-465-10EGraduation: 0.001 mmRange: 0.14 mm513-401-10EGraduation: 0.0005 inRange: 0.03 in513-402-10E/10TGraduation: 0.0001 inRange: 0.008 in513-403-10E/10TAn inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-11 for details.Note: 513-4XX-10 is indicated on the dial face. But the Order No. for the Special Set provided with the stem etc. has a suffix (E or T) at the end.

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