G-2Mitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Sensor SystemsGINDEXLinear GagesLinear Gages, Gage HeadsG-3LGK (Slim, Robust)G-5LGB2 (Slim)G-6LGF (Economical Design Robust)G-7LGF (0.1 μm resolution)G-8LGF-Z (with origin point mark)G-9LG (Long stroke type)G-10LGD (ABSOLUTE)G-11LGS-1012P (ABSOLUTE)G-12High-accuracy/resolution TypeLGH (High accuracy, 0.1/0.2 μm)G-13Linear Gage CounterEC (Only for digimatic output) G-15EG (Panel mount, Single function Type) G-15EB (Panel mount, Multi-function Type) G-16EH (Panel mount, Multi-function Type) G-17EV (6-channel, No-display Type) G-18Display unit for the EV counterD-EV (Display Unit)G-19Data Loading softwareSENSORPAKG-20High-accuracy Digital Length Measuring UnitLitematic (VL-50-B/50S-B)G-21Quick Guide to Precision Measuring InstrumentsG-22Mu-Checker (Electronic micrometer)Lever/Cartridge Probe HeadsG-25Analog or digital amplier/displayG-27EV-16A (6-channel, No display)G-28Quick Guide to Precision Measuring InstrumentsG-29Laser Scan MicrometersLSM-500S (5 μm to 2 mm) G-31LSM-501S (50 μm to 10 mm) G-31LSM-503S (0.3 mm to 30 mm)G-32LSM-506S (1 mm to 60 mm) G-32LSM-512S (1 mm to 120 mm) G-33LSM-516S (1 mm to 160 mm) G-33LSM-6902H/6900 (0.1 mm to 25 mm, high accuracy) G-34LSM-9506 (0.5 mm to 60 mm, integrated display) G-34LSM-5200 (panel-mount display) G-35LSM-6200 (multi-function display) G-35Optional Accessories (for LSM) G-36Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments G-39GGGLaser Scan MicrometersLinear GagesMu-checker

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