A-17AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Measurement Data ManagementConvenient data collection tool and quality control softwareMeasurement Data Wireless Communication SystemU-WAVE• Data from Digimatic gages can be loaded to a PC easily.• Wireless communication eliminates cabling, improving measuring operability.• The Data Interface Function of the U-WAVE-R standard accessory software enables data input to commonly available software by keyboard input (Microsoft Excel, Notepad, etc.).• USB-ITPAK V2.1 supports U-WAVE!Loading multiple measurement data into separate Excel sheets, or simultaneous measurement using the special event drive is now available without the need for macro programming yourself. (Automatic loading in a certain interval is available with the timer function.) U-WAVE system congurationU-WAVE-T transfers Digimatic gage data to U-WAVE-R.U-WAVE-TU-WAVE-TDedicated connecting cableConnecting cable for foot switchWireless communication distance is approx. 20 m.U-WAVE-RStandard accessory software enables data load to Microsoft Excel. A maximum of 100 Digimatic gages can be connected.U-WAVE-R loads the data received from U-WAVE-T to a PC via USB. U-WAVE-TSystem Communication Specications• Wireless communicationRefer to the U-WAVE Brochure (No. E12000) for more details.• Refer to page A-15 for details of U-WAVE-R.Order No.*02AZD730G/02AZD730H/ 02AZD880G/02AZD880H02AZD730J/02AZD880JTransmission output1 mW (0 dBm) or less5 mW (7 dBm) or lessWireless specicationsIEEE802.15.4 baseWireless communication distanceApprox. 20 m (within visible range)Wireless communication speed250 kbpsModulation methodDS-SS (Direct Sequence - Spread Spectrum) Resistant to interfering signals and noiseCommunication frequency2.4 GHz band (ISM band: Universal frequency)Used band15 channels (2.405 to 2.475 GHz at intervals of 5 MHz) The noise search function avoids interference with other communication devices.* Order No. differs depending on the destination country.Note: To use U-WAVE-T, the conformity to the radio law of each country is required. If you use this product outside the country of purchase, please contact your dealer or nearest Mitutoyo sales office.

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