G-6GMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Unit: mmDIMENSIONSExample of slim gage head low measuring force (made to order)• Low measuring force, suitable for measurement of soft-material workpieces (consult us for other measuring forces).LGB2SERIES 542 — Slim Type•Slim design, nut clamp type (Stem is ø9.5 mm)•The spindle guide uses high-precision linear ball bearings for extremely smooth movement and exceptional durability.542-244542-262/542-262H542-264542-270Optional Accessories• Rubber boot (spare)For 5 mm range models: 238773For 10 mm range models: 238772• Extension cable 5 m : 902434 10 m: 902433 20 m: 902432Connectable up to 3 pieces, 20 m at maximum.• Wrench for tightening nut: 200168SPECIFICATIONSTypeL-shapedStraightLow measuring forceAir-drivencontact point*1Order No.542-246542-244542-262542-262H542-264542-270*2Measuring range5 mm10 mmResolution0.1 µm1 µmMeasuring accuracy (20 °C)0.8 µm2 µm1 µm2 µmQuantizing error±1 countMaximum response speed380 mm/s900 mm/sMeasuring forceContact point downwards0.65 N or less0.8 N or less0.6 N or less0.8 N or lessContact point horizontal0.6 N or less0.75 N or less0.55 N or less0.75 N or lessContact point upwards0.55 N or less0.7 N or less0.5 N or less0.7 N or lessMass160 g155 g170 gContact pointø3 mm carbide tipped (fixing screw: M2.5 (P=0.45)×5), standard contact point: 901312Stem ø9.5 mmBearing Linear ball typeOutput cable length2 m (directly from casing)ConnectorPlug: RM12BPE-6PH (HIROSE), Compatible receptacle: RM12BRD-6S (HIROSE)Operating temperature (humidity) ranges 0 to 40 °C (RH 20 to 80 %, non-condensing)Storage temperature (humidity) ranges–10 to 60 °C (RH 20 to 80 %, non-condensing)Standard AccessoriesWrench for contact point: 538610*1 Required air pressure: 0.3 to 0.4 MPa*2 Spindle extends when air is supplied.Depending on the operating method, the spindle forward speed of the low measuring force model may become slow compared to the standard model. Please check if this restriction is compat-ible with the application. Please contact Mitutoyo to verify the application.ModelL-shaped modelAir-driven contact point modelMeasuring range5 µm10 µmResolution1 µm1 µmMeasuring force*Contact point downwards0.5 N or less0.6 N or lessContact point horizontal0.45 N or less0.55 N or lessContact point upwards0.4 N or less0.5 N or less* Measuring force at full retraction of the spindle542-246ConnectorUnit: mm20.43082.7Connecting cable (2 m)(HIROSE)RM12BPE-6PHø918ø9ø14ø9.5 0-0.009756.315.925.14.9 (thread)Clamp nut(Parts 200365)LL=11.5~13.0Connecting cable (2 m)Rubber bootø9.5 0-0.009ø4.2ø7.9ø12ø1411320.215.934.94.9 (thread)Clamp nut(Parts 200365)KnurlLL=11.5~13.0Connecting cable (2 m)Rubber boot締め付ゴ(パーツConnecting cable (2 m)60.1L39.31024.515.9ø9.5 0-0.009Compatible air hose(ID: ø2.5)Stroke10.4 mm or moreClamp nut(Parts 200365)KnurlL=11.5~13.0ø918ø9ø14ø9.5 0-0.009756.315.925.14.9 (thread)Clamp nut(Parts 200365)Rubber bootLL=11.5~13.0Connecting cable (2 m)542-244542-262/542-262H542-270542-264542-246The spindle extends when air is supplied.

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