G-8GMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.542-181Unit: mmLGF (0.1 µm resolution)SERIES 542 — Economical Design•0.1 µm resolution type from the reliable LGF Linear Gage series.542-1823082.720.4DIMENSIONSConnector RM12BPE-6PH (HIROSE)Unit: mm(screw top height)10.6 or longer (stroke)Cable length, 2 mDimensions with a thrust stem installedM9.5×0.5Attachment thread for thrust stemM9.5×0.5Clamp nut02ADB682Thrust stem02ADB681617.3ø8-0.009 012.334(129.5)61.546.915.482.712(13.8)ø9.5-0.015 0414.59.514.80.675.7146.9545.920.430Rubber boot26 or longer (stroke)Cable length, 2 m(screw top height)M14×0.5Attachment thread for thrust stemDimensions with a thrust stem installedM18×1Thrust stemClamp nut02ADN37102ADB69221(24.2)ø18-0.018 05918.520.630.761.715-0.015 013.8(208.3)348.693.682.7114.76.522200.64.584.120.430Rubber bootOptional Accessories• Rubber boot (spare)For 10 mm range models: 238772For 25 mm range models: 962504• Thrust stem set*For 10 mm range models: 02ADB680Thrust stem: 02ADB681 Clamp nut: 02ADB682For 25 mm range models: 02ADN370Thrust stem: 02ADN371 Clamp nut: 02ADB692External dimensions are described in the dimensional drawing of the product.• Special spannerFor 10 mm range models: 02ADB683For 25 mm range models: 02ADB693* Thrust stem set is a combination of thrust stem and a clamp nut. A special spanner is required for tightening. If using multiple gages, a thrust stem set for each gage and one special spanner are required.• Extension cable 5 m : 902434 10 m  : 902433 20 m  : 902432Connectable up to 3 pieces, 20 m at maximum.SPECIFICATIONSOrder No.542-181542-182Measuring range10 mm25 mmResolution0.1 µmMeasuring accuracy (20 °C)(0.8+L/50) µm (L=arbitrary measuring length (mm))Quantizing error±1 countMeasuring force Contact point downwards1.2 N or less4.6 N or lessContact point horizontal1.1 N or less4.3 N or lessContact point upwards1.0 N or less4.0 N or lessPosition detection methodPhotoelectric linear encoderResponse speed400 mm/sOutput signal90° phase difference, differential squarewave (RS-422A equivalent)Minimum edge-to-edge interval, 200 nsOutput signal pitch0.4 µmMassApprox. 310 gApprox. 350 gContact pointø3 mm carbide tipped (fixing screw: M2.5 (P=0.45)×5), standard contact point: 901312Stem ø8 mmø15 mmBearing Linear ball typeOutput cable length 2 m (directly extended from the main unit)ConnectorPlug: RM12BPE-6PH (HIROSE), Compatible receptacle: RM12BRD-6S (HIROSE)Operating temperature (humidity) ranges 0 to 40 °C (RH 20 to 80 %, non-condensing)Storage temperature(humidity) ranges–10 to 60 °C (RH 20 to 80 %, non-condensing)542-181542-182With thrust stem set(optional accessory) With thrust stem set(optional accessory) Refer to the Linear Gage Brochure (No. E13007) for more details.

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