G-9GLinear GagesIdeal for integration into harsh environments such as automation applicationsMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.LGF-ZSERIES 542 — with Origin Point Mark•LGF series with reference point signal output function.• The master setting is incorporated in the unit and is easy to operate. The origin point can be easily detected even if a fault, such as an over-speed error, occurs.•Sliding durability improved to remain serviceable for at least 15 million cycles (in-house testing). •Shock resistance, 100 G/11 ms (IEC 60068-2-27)•Resolutions are available in 0.5 µm and 1 µm.542-174, -164542-175, -165Connectorø16.734.0(screw top height)10.6 or longer (stroke)Cable length, 2 mDimensions with a thrust stem installedM9.5×0.5Attachment thread for thrust stemM9.5×0.5Clamp nut02ADB682Thrust stem02ADB681617.3ø8-0.009 012.33461.546.915.4ø16.73412(13.8)ø9.5-0.015 0414.59.514.80.675.7146.9 (129.5)545.9Rubber bootAttachment thread for thrust stemM14×0.5(screw top height)Cable length, 2 m26 or longer (stroke)02ADB69202ADN371Clamp nutThrust stemM18×1Dimensions with a thrust stem installed18.595ø18-0.018 0(24.2)2134ø16.793.68.634(208.3)13.8ø15-0.015 061.730.720.64.584.1200.6114.76.522Rubber bootDimensions with a thrust stem installed(screw top height)Cable length, 2 m51.5 or longer (stroke)M14×0.5Attachment thread for thrust stemM18×1Thrust stemClamp nut02ADN37102ADN37118.595ø18-0.018 0(24.2)2134ø16.71423413.8(316)0.6ø15-0.015 061.720.656.18.64.5124.9174629.620Rubber boot542-176, -166Optional Accessories• Air drive unitFor 10 mm range models: 02ADE230For 25 mm range models: 02ADE250For 50 mm range models: 02ADE270Required air pressure: 0.2 to 0.4 MPaSpindle extends when air is supplied.• Rubber boot (spare)For 10 mm range models: 238772For 25 mm range models: 962504For 50 mm range models: 962505• Thrust stem set*For 10 mm range models: 02ADB680Thrust stem: 02ADB681 Clamp nut: 02ADB682For 25/50 mm range models: 02ADN370Thrust stem: 02ADN371 Clamp nut: 02ADB692External dimensions are given in the drawing of the product.• Special spannerFor 10 mm range models: 02ADB683For 25/50 mm range models: 02ADB693* Thrust stem set is a combination of thrust stem and a clamp nut. A special spanner is required for tightening. If using multiple gages, a thrust stem set for each gage and one special spanner are required.•Extension cable 5 m : 02ADF260 10 m  : 02ADF280 20 m  : 02ADF300Connectable up to 3 pieces, 20 m at maximum.SPECIFICATIONSOrder No.542-174542-164542-175542-165542-176542-166Measuring range10 mm25 mm50 mmResolution0.5 µm1 µm0.5 µm1 µm0.5 µm1 µmMeasuring accuracy (20 °C)(1.5+L/50) μm (L=arbitrary measuring length (mm))Quantizing error±1 countMeasuring force Contact point downwards1.2 N or less4.6 N or less5.7 N or lessContact point horizontal1.1 N or less4.3 N or less5.3 N or lessContact point upwards1.0 N or less4.0 N or less4.9 N or lessPosition detection methodPhotoelectric linear encoderReference mark position3 mm from contact point tip (lowest rest point)5 mm from contact point tip (lowest rest point)Reference mark repeatability (20 °C): ≤0.5 µm (at a constant reference point passing speed less than 300 mm/s in the same direction)Response speed1500 mm/sOutput signal90° phase difference, differential square wave (RS-422A equivalent), minimum edge intervals: 250 ns for 0.5 µm model, 500 ns for 1 µm modelOutput square wave pitch2 µm4 µm2 µm4 µm2 µm4 µmMassApprox. 260 gApprox. 300 gApprox. 400 gContact pointø3 mm carbide tipped (fixing screw: M2.5 (P=0.45)×5), standard contact point: 901312Stem ø8 mmø15 mmBearing Linear ball typeOutput cable length 2 m (directly extended from the main unit)ConnectorPlug: PRC05-P8M (TAJIMI), Compatible receptacle: PRC05-R8F (TAJIMI)Operating temperature (humidity) ranges 0 to 40 °C (RH 20 to 80 %, non-condensing)Storage temperature (humidity) ranges–10 to 60 °C (RH 20 to 80 %, non-condensing)Unit: mmDIMENSIONS542-174, -164542-175, -165542-176, -166With thrust stem set(optional accessory) With thrust stem set(optional accessory) With thrust stem set(optional accessory) PRC05-P8M (TAJIMI)Unit: mmRefer to the Linear Gage Brochure (No. E13007) for more details.

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