G-20GMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Optional Accessories• I/O cable: 21HZA13760D-SUB 9 pinDIN connector 5 pinDIN connector 5 pinD-SUB 9 pin20001000Communication cable (1 pc.) Connection between PC and counter: 2 m Input/output cable: 1 mInput/output connector (1 pc.)Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink (refer to page A-5 for details).SENSORPAKMeasurement data loading software •This software facilitates loading measurement data onto a personal computer from a linear gage counter with RS-232C output (EH, EV), with USB output (EH), or from a Litematic display (VL).•60 channels (max.) of measurement data can be processed.•Arithmetical calculations and maximum width calculations can be performed using the measurement data.•Exporting measurement data into MS-Excel format is supported.•Real time graphical display by means of bar-graph or meter is provided. Measurement screenMeter screenChart screenSPECIFICATIONSOrder No.02NGB072Product ConfigurationProgram disk (CD), license key, operation manualCompatible devicesMitutoyo RS_LINK compatible devices • LGH Series (USB, RS-232C) • EH counter (USB, RS-232C) • EV counter (RS-232C) • Litematic VL (RS-232C) Connecting cable A cable should be prepared to the following specications: Accessory • RS-232C connection: I/O cable (21HZA137)*1Commercial product • USB connection: USB cable (type A - type B) • RS-232C connection: RS-232C cross cable*1Number of connectable gagesMax. 60 units (when 10 units of EV counter for linear gage are connected via RS-Link)FunctionsDisplay*2Display format: counting, bar graph, indicator, chart, and table Display cycle: 1s (when 60 gage units are connected, 1-window display, and no Excel output) CalculationCalculation (up to 30 items) between designated gages is available. Calculation items: Sum, difference, total, average, maximum, minimum, range (maximum–minimum), calculation with a constant Tolerance judgmentPer item: Displays the result in colors (3-step tolerance: red/green/red; 5-step tolerance: red/yellow/green/yellow/red) Total judgment: Displays in colors (red/green) by monitoring the multiple gages and calculation result Recording*2Items: channel values, calculation result, tolerance judgment, total tolerance judgment, timestamp Max. number of records: 60000 for software recording (with 6 gages connected); up to 9000 (with 60 gages connected) Output function: Direct output to Excel, CSV file output (compatible with MeasurLink) Recording trigger: key, timer, external TRG Input/output*3Input: TRG for recording (HOLD) Output: Total tolerance judgment resultSystem EnvironmentDOS/V compatible PC environment CPU: Pentium4 2 GHz or more, Memory: 2 GB or more, Hard disk: 2 GB or more free space OS: Windows7 (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit) *1 If the PC is not equipped with an RS-232C port, please contact the nearest Mitutoyo sales office/service center.*2 Display cycle and the maximum number of records differ depending on the environment (specification of PC, number of connected gages, display format and communication setting).*3 With use of the I/O cable (accessory). When an I/O cable is not used, the I/O connector of the counter alternatively functions. (Refer to the user's manual of the counter in use.) Refer to the Linear Gage Brochure (No. E13007) for more details.

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