G-21GLinear GagesIdeal for integration into harsh environments such as automation applicationsVL-50-B/50S-B LitematicSERIES 318 — High-accuracy/resolution Measuring Machine•The Litematic is primarily designed for measuring easily-deformed workpieces and high-precision parts using an extra-low measuring force of 0.01 N.•0.15 N and 1 N models are available as factory-installed options if a greater measuring force is required.•The motor-driven spindle moves up/down and stops when the contact point touches the workpiece. Then the maximum, minimum and runout values are measured under a constant force.•High resolution of 0.01 µm, and wide measuring range of 50 mm.•Measuring system VL-50-B, integrated display type, and VL-50S-B, a separate display type, are available.•The measuring table supplied with VL-50-B is ceramic, which is corrosion free, for easier maintenance and storage.•The spindle is made of low thermal expansion material.•Motor life is approximately 100,000 opera-tions, after which replacement is advisable.This machine is not suitable for continuous use, such as on a production line.Optional Stand for VL-50S-B 15 250 80 270 ø50 300 48 80 56 157 Clamp screw 365 ColumnHeight adjustment nutBaseBracketHex socket set screw(4-M4×0.7)Litematic headUnit: mm957460Optional Accessories• Foot switch: 937179T• Dedicated stand: 957460*5• SPC cable (1 mm): 936937*6• SPC cable (2 m): 965014*6• VL weight part: 02AZE375*7• Recommended spare contact points: Shell type:101118 (Approx. 0.02 N) Carbide tipped spherical contact point, ø7.5: 120059 (Approx. 0.03 N) Carbide tipped spherical contact point, ø10.5: 120060 (Approx. 0.06 N) Carbide tipped needle contact point, ø0.45: 120066 (Approx. 0.01 N)*5 Only VL-50S is available. *6 Refer to page G-23 for details of the RS link.*7 Not applicable to 318-223 and 318-228SPECIFICATIONSOrder No.318-221*4318-222*4318-223*4318-226*4318-227*4318-228*4ModelVL-50-BVL-50-15-BVL-50-100-BVL-50S-BVL-50S-15-BVL-50S-100-BMeasuring range0 to 50 mm (0 to 2 in)Resolution0.01/0.1/1.0 µm (0.0000005 in/0.000005 in/0.00005 in)Display unit8 digits/14 mm (0.6 in) character height (without signs)Scale typeReflection type linear encoderStroke51.5 mm (2 in) (when using a standard contact point)Measuring accuracy (20 °C)*1(0.5+L/100) µm L=arbitrary measuring length (mm)Accuracy guaranteed temperature*220 ± 1 °CRepeatability*1=0.05 µmMeasuring force*10.01 N0.15 N*31 N*30.01 N0.15 N*31 N*3Feed speedMeasurementApprox. 2 mm/s (0.08 in/s) or 4 mm/s (0.16 in/s) (changeable by parameter)Fast feedApprox. 8 mm/s (0.3 in/s)Contact pointø3 mm carbide tipped (fixing screw: M2.5 (P=0.45)×5), standard contact point: 901312Measuring tableø100 (ceramic, grooved, removable)—InputFoot switch input (when optional foot switch is used) External ControlOutputDigimatic output/RS-232C output (changeable by parameter)RatingPower supply85 to 264 V AC (depends on AC adapter)Power consumptionMax. 12 W (12 V, 1 A)Standard AccessoriesAC adapter: 357651, Power cable: 02ZAA000, Grounding wire: 934626, AC cable (Japan): 02ZAA000, AC cable (USA): 02ZAA010, AC cable (EU): 02ZAA020, AC cable (UK): 02ZAA030, AC cable (China): 02ZAA040, AC cable (Korea): 02ZAA050Hex wrench (2 pcs, for fixing contact point and for removing fixing bracket)*1 Normal measurement using standard contact point.*2 Under less temperature change, and hot or cold direct air flow should be avoided.*3 0.15 N, 1 N types are factory-installed option.*4 To denote your AC power cable add the following suffixes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, DC for CCC, E for BS, F for SAA, K for KC, C and No suffix are required for PSE.PM18515017082.95ø3212.5PM2PM3TEACHLIMITPRESETZEROMODETIRC.TUNITGO/NGMAXMINWORKT.H 29 80 14.8 172 186.4 50.2 80.2 (11°)4-M4×0.7 depth 10 56 Scale unitDisplay unitConnecting cable 2 mDIMENSIONSUnit: mm318-221 202 300 103.2 56 380.2 Measuring table ø100Clamp screw for measuring tableStylusDisplayOperation switch318-226318-221318-226Mitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.

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