A-21AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Measurement Data ManagementConvenient data collection tool and quality control softwareMeasurement Data ManagementUSB-ITPAK V2.1 (IT-016U/USB-ITN/U-WAVE/DP-1VA LOGGER connectable) More applications can be handled due to new features (Wireless (U-WAVE) support, Timer input, Measurement date/time display)Data from multiple Digimatic gages (U-WAVE-T, U-WAVE-TC/TM) sent to separate Excel sheetsAutomatically obtains displacement data in a certain input intervalExample of measurement using the U-WAVE wireless communication system — data sorting of individual measurementsExample of measurement using the U-WAVE wireless communication system — timer input + measurement date/time display during simultaneous measurementU-WAVE-R………U-WAVE-TID=00ID=01ID=98ID=99U-WAVE-TThe last data input may be canceled by pressing and holding the data switchU-WAVE-TU-WAVE-TUp to 100 gages can be handled by one U-WAVE-R unitEntry point can be specified per gage (by U-WAVE-T ID).• Specifying an Excel file: Excel Book (full path) + sheet name• Specifying data input cells (example: A1:C3) • Specifying cursor move (right or down)The input interval can be arbitrarily set by 0.1 s intervals up to 24 hours. If a smaller value than the data loading time is set, the actual measurement time will be the input interval.With U-WAVE, an error (no data) may occur if less than 0.5 s is set for the input interval. This is because the data request signal is issued before the data comes in, based on the event drive data refresh interval that is set to 0.5 s (fixed).Points to note when performing simultaneous measurement using U-WAVE and USB-ITPAK V2.1• Besides U-WAVE, a special order U-WAVEPAK (Event drive) is required.• The battery life of U-WAVE-T becomes shorter in the event mode, reducing to approximately 20 days for continuous measurement.• When using several Digimatic gages, communication errors may occur because simultaneous transmission from all gages may cause radio interference.With U-WAVE, radio wave interference can be mostly avoided if data is transmitted after making sure there is no other radio communication.CSMA/CA method: this avoids radio interference and enables successful simultaneous data transmission of three U-WAVE-T units per U-WAVE-R.To perform simultaneous measurement with more than three units of U-WAVE-T, add U-WAVE-R and set different frequencies (15 ch) to avoid radio interference.Loading data from multiple Digimatic gages (U-WAVE-T) into separate Excel sheets is now available without the need for macro programming.If using USB-ITPAK V2.1 supporting U-WAVE event drive, arbitrary timer input is allowed without the need for macro programming.ABC12.3412.2742.00722.039196.32.27431.996Sheet 00ABC12.3412.2742.00722.0391.96331.9962.152Sheet 01USB-ITPAK V2.1 (Individual measurement)USB-ITPAK V2.1 simultaneous measurement + timer input (example: 5 s interval)U-WAVE-RTo perform simultaneous measurement using U-WAVE, a special order U-WAVEPAK (Event drive) is required. (Refer to page A-19)ABCDEFG1Displacement (1)Displacement (2)Displacement (3)Displacement (4)Displacement (5)Displacement (6)Measurement date/time20.2810.1620.1210.0510.011−0.0012013/4/1 7 30 005 s30.2790.1520.1330.0640.018−0.0032013/4/1 7 30 055 s40.2650.1490.1420.0890.021−0.0072013/4/1 7 30 105 s56(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)WorkpieceData input orderDisplacementFrequency2.405 GHzFrequency2.475 GHzABC12.3412.2742.00722.039196.32.27431.996Sheet 98ABC12.3412.2742.00722.0391.96331.9962.152Sheet 99ID=99ID=98ID=01ID=00U-WAVE-TU-WAVE-TUSB hub (Commercial item)Note: U-WAVE-TC/TM can also applicable.

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