H-10HMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-11 for details.•Ideal for machine tools for heavy cutting applications as well as linear motors.•Has multi-point elastic xing for excellent vibration resistance (200 m/s2), shock resistance (400 m/s2), and thermal expansion repeatability characteristics.• The Absolute Interval Code enables a simplied, low-cost ABS system.Linear Scales AT402ESERIES 539 — General-purpose TypeSPECIFICATIONSModelAT402EEffective range140 to 3040 mm (24 models)Accuracy (20 ºC)Effective range: 140 to 540 mm: ±2 µmEffective range: 640 to 940 mm: ±3 µmEffective range: 1040 to 3040 mm: ±3 µm/mOutput signalSignal: 1 Vp-p differential sinusoidal signalDifferential reference point pulse: Absolute Interval Code compatibleMaximum response speed120 m/min (With sinusoidal signal amplitude of –3 dB)Signal output pitch20 µmOperating temperature0 to 45 ºCCable configurationType A: 3 m flying lead cable Type B: 3 m cable with European CNC connectorsType C: 3 m cable with FANUC connectorsAT402EEffective rangeL0 (mm)Signal cable length(m)Order No.*Model539-371- AT402E-140140 (5.6 in)3539-373- AT402E-240240 (9.6 in)539-374- AT402E-340340 (13.6 in)539-375- AT402E-440440 (17.6 in)539-376- AT402E-540540 (21.6 in)539-377- AT402E-640640 (25.6 in)539-378- AT402E-740740 (29.6 in)539-379- AT402E-840840 (33.6 in)539-380- AT402E-940940 (37.6 in)539-381- AT402E-10401040 (41.6 in)539-382- AT402E-11401140 (45.6 in)539-383- AT402E-12401240 (49.6 in)539-384- AT402E-13401340 (53.6 in)539-385- AT402E-14401440 (57.6 in)539-386- AT402E-15401540 (61.6 in)539-387- AT402E-16401640 (65.6 in)539-388- AT402E-17401740 (69.6 in)539-389- AT402E-18401840 (73.6 in)539-390- AT402E-20402040 (81.6 in)539-391- AT402E-22402240 (89.6 in)539-392- AT402E-24402440 (97.6 in)539-393- AT402E-26402640 (105.6 in)539-394- AT402E-28402840 (113.6 in)539-395- AT402E-30403040 (121.6 in)* The suffix " " in the order numbers will be 01 for Type A, 02 for Type B, and 03 for Type C.Refer to the NC Linear Scale Systems Brochure (No. E13005) for more details.

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