H-20HMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Refer to the NC Linear Scale Systems Brochure (No. E13005) for more details.•Absolute measurement with exposed scales•Non-contact detection is optimal for high speed and high acceleration devices such as linear motors.•Electromagnetic induction principle means scales are unaffected by water and oil contamination•The detector head is approximately 1/3 the previous model size: 50 mm (W) × 28 mm (D) × 11 mm (H)•Cable outlets can be in four directions, with mounting holes on the top and sides•Accuracy (5+5L/1000) µm, glass scale: (3+3L/1000) µm (previous models: (8+5L/1000) µm) L= Effective range (mm)•Compatible with servo ampliers from a range of companies (high-speed serial interfaces)An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-11 for details.Absolute typeSeries nameSeparate Type ABSOLUTE Linear ScaleABS ST700 Compact-type series (Effective range ≤ 3 m)ABS ST700 Compact-type series (3.2 m ≤ Effective range ≤ 6 m)Linear Scales ABS ST700SERIES 579 — General-purpose TypeInterface specification*10:Supports Mitutoyo ENSIS high-speed interfaceABS ST708A, ST708AL4:Supports Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, high-speed serial interfaceABS ST748A, ST748AL, ABS ST748, ST748L5:Supports FANUC CORPORATION, high-speed serial interfaceABS ST758, ST758L7:Supports Panasonic Corporation, Motor Business Unit high-speed serial interfaceABS ST778A, ST778AL8:Supports YASKAWA Electric Corporation, high-speed serial interfaceABS ST788A, ST788ALABS ST7 0 8 A L - 100 A - REffective range: 100 to 6000 mmA: Scale base typeC: Glass scale typeHead cable outlet directionR: Right sideL: Left sideU: Upper sideD: Lower sideNothing: 100 to 3000 mmL: 3200 to 6000 mmTransmission methodA: 2-wire systemNothing: 4-wire systemDetection head form and resolution8: Form: 50(W)×28(D)×11(H) mmResolution: 0.1 µm9: 0.05 µm resolution (to special order)Meaning of Model No.Scale base typeGlass scale typeSPECIFICATIONSModelABS ST700Scale typeScale baseGlass scaleResolution0.1 µmDetection methodElectromagnetic induction ABS linear encoderMax. effective range6000 mm1100 mmAccuracy (20 °C)5+(5L/1000) µm L= Effective range (mm)3+(3L/1000) µm L= Effective range (mm)Maximum response speed5 m/sPower supply voltage5 V±10 % (at the detection head)(Ripple + spike noise component should be less than 100 mV)Maximum current consumption270 mA Head cable length1 m (high-flex connecting cable)Maximum cable length29 m (including the head cable length)Operating temperature (humidity) range 0 to 50°C (RH 20 to 80%, non-condensing)Storage temperature (humidity) range–20 to 70°C (RH 20 to 80%, non-condensing)Available Interfaces*1 FANUC CORPORATION, FS-i Series, Power Mate i SeriesMitsubishi Electric Corporation, MELSERVO MR-J4/MR-J3 Series Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, CNC Series, MDS-D/MDS-DH SeriesYASKAWA Electric Corporation, Σ-VII Series Panasonic Corporation, Motor Business Unit, MINAS-A5, A5L, A5N, A5NL, MINAS-A4, A4P, A4N, A4NL SeriesMitutoyo ENSIS*2 Nikki Denso Co., Ltd. VPH/VC II/VPS series Servoland Corporation SVF Series PMAC Japan Co., Ltd. Power-UMAC, Power-Clipper, Power-Brick series*1 Be sure to contact each manufacturer for details of the applicable systems (availability of connection).*2 ENSIS is a registered trademark of Mitutoyo Corporation.

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