A-23AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Mini-Printer Equipped with Data Logging FunctionSERIES 264 — Digimatic Mini-Processor DP-1VA LOGGER264-505DP-1VA LOGGERRefer to the DP-1VA LOGGER Brochure (No.E12041) for more details.Measurement Data ManagementConvenient data collection tool and quality control softwareSpecications• Order No.: 264-505• Model: DP-1VA LOGGER• Data input: Digimatic input, RS-232C input (specic to Mitutoyo KA counter)• Data processing capacity: Mode 0: 100,000 pieces of data Modes 1,2: 9,999 pieces of data Mode 3: Sample size 10 9,999 subgroups = 99,990 pieces of data• GO/±NG judgment (ve sets can be dened)• Output: (1) USB output (2) RS-232C data output at TTL levels (3) GO/±NG judgment result output (−NG, GO, +NG)• Input timer: Input intervals 0.25 s, 1 s, 5 s, 30 s, 1 min, 30 min, 60 min• Printing method: Thermal line printer • Printing speed: 0.8 s per line (6.5 mm/s) (using AC adapter)• Printing line: 10,000 lines of normal characters per roll 7,000 lines of large characters per roll• Printing paper: High durability thermo-sensitive paper Width 58 mm × length 48 m Note: Printed characters do not fade if a printout is stored in a cool dark place, but if it is to be used for ofcial documents, or stored more than 5 years, it is recommended to make a more durable copy.• Power supply: 2 power methods (1) AC adapter 100-240 V 50/60 Hz AC adapter (6 V, 2 A) as a standard accessory. (2) 4 pcs. of LR6/AA size (alkaline or Ni-Mh) Note: Manganese dioxide batteries are not usable.• Battery life: About 10,000 lines (if data is printed once every 5 seconds using 1,600 mA NiMH batteries at 20 ℃) Note: This is a typical value and is not guaranteed. • External dimensions: 94 (W) × 201 (D) × 75.2 (H) mm• Mass: 390 g (main unit)Optional Accessories (1) USB cable (A-microB) : 06AFZ050 (1 m) (2) RS-232C output cable: 09EAA084 (1 m, D-SUB 9 pin) (3) RS-232C counter cable: 09EAA094 Cable for KA counter (1 m, D-SUB 25-pin) (4) GO/±NG judgment cable: 965516 (2 m, 10 pin terminal/separate) (5) Foot switch: 937179T Consumable Items Printing paper (10 rolls): 09EAA082Example of printoutExample of batch printing log dataStatistical calculation dataVarious statistical calculations are exe-cuted using all input data. If the tole-rance limits have been set, GO/±NG judgment and histogram creation are also enabled.In OUTLOG Setting 1 In addition to the MODE1 function, measurements within the tolerance limits are printed out as a D chart*. This chart allows you to identify the trend of variations in measurement data.* D chart stands for Displacement chart.Only input of data automatically enables calculation processing of complex control limit values as well as calculation for creating an Xbar-R control chart.GO/±NG judgment MODE0MODE1, 2MODE3MODE1MODE2MODE3N: Number of pieces of data MAX: Maximum value MIN: Minimum value R: Range X: Mean value n: Standard deviation of a population (N) n-1: Sample standard deviation (N-1)–NG: For the number of pieces of data smallerthan the lower limit+NG: For the number of pieces of data largerthan the upper limit P: Percentage of rejects Cp: Maximum process capability potentialCpk: Actual process capability achievedIn OUTLOG Setting 2In OUTLOG Setting 3This setting allows printout of measurement time, measurement value, and GO/±NG judgment result.This setting allows printout of data number, measurement value, and GO/±NG judgment result.This setting allows printout of data number, measurement date and time, and GO/±NG judgment result. N: Number of pieces of data MAX: Maximum value MIN: Minimum value n: Number of subgroups (up to 10)X: Mean value in a subgroup R: Range of a subgroup X: Mean value X-UCL: Upper control limit X-LCL: Lower control limit R: Center (R control) R-UCL: Upper control limit (R control) R-LCL: Lower control limit (R control)In addition to the conventional (DP-1VR) printing and statistical calculation functions, data logger and USB output functions are added and enhanced!• This is a palm-sized printer used to print measurement data from Digimatic gages or to perform statistical analysis.• The versatile DP-1VA LOGGER printer not only prints measurement data, but performs a variety of statistical analyses, draws histograms and D-charts and also performs complex operations on Xbar-R control charts.• The data logger function allows storage of up to 1,000 pieces of data in memory, and batch transfer of stored data to an Excel-format inspection certicate, etc., by connecting to a PC with a USB cable (optional).Custom Excel sheetAnalysis by PCMeasurement and storage at siteTransfer

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