K-4KMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Refer to the QUICK VISION Brochure (No. E14007) for more details.Pattern FocusThe pattern focus reticle enables focusing on low contrast or mirrored surfaces, or transparent objects.Edge FocusRobust edge detection methods for multiple lighting techniques are available with edge focus.Surface of workpieceParabolic mirrorToroidal mirror4-segment ring light30°60°80°Surface FocusImage auto focus can be used to measure the height of a chosen area, which makes it possible to perform stable height measurements that are minimally affected by the roughness of machined surfaces and other similar surfaces.QV Apex/Hyper QVCNC Vision Measuring SystemHigh-Performance Multi-Auto FocusThe QV Series is equipped with a high-performance image auto focus function as standard. Image auto focus is used to guarantee accuracy. Thanks to the availability of various auto focus tools, the optimal focus for each surface texture and measured feature can be selected, which makes it possible to perform highly reliable height measurements.ParfocalParfocalSurface of workpieceAutomatic Z-axis trackingObjectiveSPECIFICATIONSQV ApexModelQV Apex 302QV Apex 404QV Apex 606Measuring range (X×Y×Z)300×200×200 mm400×400×250 mm600×650×250 mmObservation Unit PPT1X-2X-6XImaging DeviceB&W CCD (1/2 inch) or 3CCD color (1/3 inch)Accuracy*E1X, E1Y(1.5+3L/1000) µmE1Z(1.5+4L/1000) µmE2XY(2+4L/1000) µmHyper QV (Specifications other than as quoted in the table are the same as the QV Apex specifications.)ModelHyper QV302Hyper QV404Hyper QV606Imaging DeviceB&W CCD (1/2 inch)Accuracy*E1X, E1Y(0.8+2L/1000) µmE1Z(1.5+2L/1000) µmE2XY(1.4+3L/1000) µm* Inspected to a Mitutoyo standard. L = length between two arbitrary points (mm)•A high-productivity CNC Vision Measuring System that can precisely and effectively perform a series of tasks from dimensional calculation to form analysis.•The part program editing, such as changeover of the workpiece or correcting errors, is easy and straightforward.•High specications such as contour measurement or non-contact measurement are covered.•TAF (Tracking Auto Focus) automatically follows changes in the height of the object being measured. TAF eliminates the time that otherwise would be wasted in re-establishing focus multiple times, resulting in shorter measurement time.Programmable ring light Fine control of obliquity and direction provides illumination optimal for measurement. Obliquity can be arbitrarily set in the range from 30° to 80°. Illumination can be controlled independently in every direction, back and forth, right and left. Tracking Auto Focus (TAF)The TAF feature focuses continuously, adjusting to changes in the height of the object being measured. Automatic tracking of surface waviness and warpage (in the Z-axis height direction) improves measurement throughput. The feature also cuts out the hassle of focusing during manual measurement, reducing the work burden for measuring system operators.Note: Continuous measurement of displacement is not performed.The programmable ring light shows the effectof a nely stepped section and the enhanced contrast of an inclined plane.Measurement example of IC package terminal bottom widthImage viewed with Co-axial lightImage with programmable ring light QV Apex302Hyper QV 404Laser sourceSemiconductor laser (peak wavelength: 690 nm)Laser safetyClass 2 (JIS C6802:2014, EN/IEC 60825-1:2014)Auto focus systemObjective coaxial autofocusing (knife-edge method)Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink (refer to page A-5 for details).An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-11 for details.

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