K-8KMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.• A multi-sensor measuring machine equipped with an imaging optical head and non-contact displacement sensor. Both vision measurement and non-contact form measurement are possible.•The laser probe equipped HYBRID TYPE1 and CPS probe equipped HYBRID TYPE4 are available.QVH Apex/Hyper QVH/ QVH STREAM PLUS CNC Vision Measuring System equipped with Non-contact displacement sensor•The focusing point method minimizes the difference in the measuring face reectance and achieves high measurement reproducibility.• Capable of measuring detailed shapes in high resolution. Features: HYBRID TYPE1• Enables detection of high inclination angles for both mirror and diffused Surfaces.• The automatic lighting adjustment function allows for high accuracy measurements. • Surface roughness or thickness measurement of thin and transparent objects such as lm.Features: HYBRID TYPE4Example of 3D form comparisonApex/Hyper/STREAM PLUS (Specifications other than as described below are the same as for models QV Apex, Hyper QV and QV STREAM PLUS.)Model No.QVH Apex302QVH STREAM 302Hyper QVH302QVH Apex404QVH STREAM 404Hyper QVH404QVH Apex606QVH STREAM 606Hyper QVH606Measuring range (X×Y×Z)by vision probe 300×200×200 mm400×400×250 mm600×650×250 mmby displacement sensorTYPE1180×200×200 mm280×400×250 mm480×650×250 mmTYPE4176×200×200 mm276×400×250 mm476×650×250 mmMeasuring accuracy* (Vision)E1E1X, E1Y(1.5+3L/1000) µm(0.8+2L/1000) µm(1.5+3L/1000) µm(0.8+2L/1000) µm(1.5+3L/1000) µm(0.8+2L/1000) µmE1Z(1.5+4L/1000) µm(1.5+2L/1000) µm(1.5+4L/1000) µm(1.5+2L/1000) µm(1.5+4L/1000) µm(1.5+2L/1000) µmE2E2XY(2.0+4L/1000) µm(1.4+3L/1000) µm(2.0+4L/1000) µm(1.4+3L/1000) µm(2.0+4L/1000) µm(1.4+3L/1000) µmDisplacement sensor accuracy*E1E1Z(1.5+4L/1000) µm(1.5+2L/1000) µm(1.5+4L/1000) µm(1.5+2L/1000) µm(1.5+4L/1000) µm(1.5+2L/1000) µm* Inspected to a Mitutoyo standard. L = length between two arbitrary points (mm)COMMON SPECIFICATIONS for TYPE1/TYPE4Safety precautions regarding QV HYBRID TYPE1This product uses a low-power visible laser (780 nm) for measurement. The laser is a CLASS 1 EN/IEC60825-1 device. A warning and explanation label, as shown above, is attached to the product as appropriate.QVH4 606Non-contact displacement sensorVision headProducts equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink (refer to page A-5 for details).An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-11 for details.

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