N-13NCoordinate Measuring MachinesPrecision measuring technology in three dimensionsMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Portable Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring SystemSpinArm-Apex•SpinArm-Apex is a fully articulated coor-dinate measuring system featuring a wide range of measurement. The highly portable design of SpinArm-Apex enables the system to be positioned at any point within reach of the workpiece.•Enables measurement of workpieces of complex shape in any direction.•Brake mechanism greatly enhances usability.•Counterbalance for easier operation.•Supports both non-contact line laser probes and contact probes concurrently.SpinArm-Apex 186HSpinArm-Apex 367HSPECIFICATIONSSpinArm-Apex H series (High accuracy, 6-axis model)Model No.SpinArm-Apex 186HSpinArm-Apex 246HSpinArm-Apex 306HSpinArm-Apex 366HMeasuring envelop (Probe reaching diameter)*11800 mm2400 mm3000 mm3600 mmRepeatability *2*4±0.021 mm±0.026 mm±0.044 mm±0.060 mmAccuracy (Arm type) *2*4±0.028 mm±0.035 mm±0.058 mm±0.072 mmSpinArm-Apex H series (High accuracy, 7-axis model)Model No.SpinArm-Apex 247HSpinArm-Apex 307HSpinArm-Apex 367HMeasuring envelop (Probe reaching diameter)*12400 mm3000 mm3600 mmRepeatability *2*4±0.031 mm±0.051 mm±0.071 mmAccuracy (Arm type) *2*4±0.042 mm±0.072 mm±0.103 mmSpinArm-Apex S series (Standard, 6-axis model)Model No.SpinArm-Apex 186SSpinArm-Apex 246SSpinArm-Apex 306SSpinArm-Apex 366SMeasuring envelop (Probe reaching diameter)*11800 mm2400 mm3000 mm3600 mmRepeatability *2*3±0.040 mm±0.050 mm±0.080 mm±0.100 mmAccuracy (Arm type) *2*3±0.055 mm±0.065 mm±0.100 mm±0.135 mmSpinArm-Apex S series (Standard, 7-axis model)Model No.SpinArm-Apex 247SSpinArm-Apex 307SSpinArm-Apex 367SMeasuring envelop (Probe reaching diameter)*12400 mm3000 mm3600 mmRepeatability *2*3±0.055 mm±0.090 mm±0.110 mmAccuracy (Arm type) *2*3±0.080 mm±0.135 mm±0.165 mm*1 Measurement range is expressed as a diameter value at the maximum reach using software with the Sø10 mm standard probe mounted.*2 According to Mitutoyo’s acceptance procedure. The accuracy guaranteed value above is determined when MS5-5R11G probe is mounted.*3 Guaranteed accuracy temperature: 16 ºC - 24 ºC (temperature gradient: 2 ºC per hour)*4 Guaranteed accuracy temperature: 18 ºC - 22 ºC (temperature gradient: 2 ºC per hour)SurfaceMeasure SeriesNote: Not for use in, or export to, to the United States of America.Refer to the SpinArm-Apex Series Brochure (No. E16006) for more details.Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink (refer to page A-5 for details).

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