N-14Mitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.NThis is the basic software for dimension measurement. The enhanced graphic functionality allows real time drawing of the measurement result, and the best-fit function, previously optional, and even the geometrical deviation drawing function are now provided as standard.GEOPAK [General purpose measurement program]This software is used for free-form surface evaluation and online/offline teaching. It is possible to display measurement results on CAD data in various ways.CAT1000S [Curved surface evaluation program]This software is used for on-/off-line teaching. The interference check function is also added so that programming error when off-line can be prevented. In addition to SAT and STEP (standard functions) as CAD data that can be imported, CATIA V4/V5, PARASOLID, Creo, etc. are supported (optional).CAT1000P [On-/Off-line teaching program]MCOSMOS software modulesSoftware for Manual/CNC Coordinate Measuring MachinesMCOSMOSGEOPAKCAT1000PCAT1000SSCANPAKMCOSMOS-13MCOSMOS-2333MCOSMOS-33333Refer to the MCOSMOS Software Brochure (No. E16008) for more details.•MCOSMOS is the data processing program family for the CMM that runs on Windows.•It is unnecessary to learn any special code since measurement can be performed by selecting the icons or the pull-down menu to select functions in the same manner as for Windows OS operation.The functionality of analysis software as used for roundness measuring machines is now available on MCOSMOS. As well as roundness and cylindricity evaluation, various filters are also available.ROUNDPAK-CMMThis program is used for minutely analyzing two-dimensional curved lines captured by SCANPAK.FORMTRACEPAK-AP [Analysis program]SURFPAK-SP [Analysis program]MAFIS Express [Blade measurement/Evaluation program]This is a program for evaluation of involute gear teeth obtained from CNC CMMs, and tooth profile based on cylindrical gear measurement data. GEARPAK-Cylindrical [Gear evaluation program]This software enables measurement/evaluation of two-dimensional sectional contours. The data output function to CAD, etc. that had been optional before is now provided as standard.SCANPAK [Contour measurement program]This software is used for evaluation of sectional contours of blades to be used in jet engines for aircraft. MAFIS [Blade evaluation program]This is a program for evaluation of tooth form based on worm measurement data obtained from CNC CMMs.GEARPAK-Worm [Gear evaluation program]This is a program for evaluation of tooth form, pitch error, etc., based on measurement data from bevel or hypoid gears obtained by CNC CMM.GEARPAK-Bevel/Hypoid [Gear production support/evaluation program][Result drawing][Result drawing]This is a software program as used for the roughness probe SURFTEST for a CMM. With this program, surface roughness analysis conforming to standards such as ISO, JIS, ANSI, and VDA are available. Cooperation with MCOSMOS enables fully automatic dimensional measurement and surface roughness measurement.This software program enables creation of measurement programs and measurement and analysis of blades and blisks. A part program for measurement can be automatically created just by selecting required contents and evaluation conditions. The measurement results will be displayed in a report including 2D graphics.

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